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giving brands the agility to jump ahead.

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we deliver agile thinking and competitive differentiation to help brands and organisations to jump ahead.

  • brand strategy.

    Elephants Can’t Jump has created a new model for Brand Strategy that enables brands to exploit modern world opportunities to the full.

    Our brand strategies enable our client’s internal and external brand to deliver long lasting marketplace success.

    Together we tell a story of what the brand stands for, why it is relevant to our target market and importantly how the brand should be experienced at every touchpoint.

    It’s clear, it’s consistent and it’s creatively fertile.

    Most importantly, it drives commercial and marketplace success.

  • innovation.

    We build ideas that our clients have the confidence to invest behind.

    We move fast– from idea to working prototype in less than 60 days.

    We create ideas that build the brand, strengthen the architecture and give meaning to innovation.

    We create solutions that define the desired brand experience at every touchpoint on the customer journey.

    Our innovation ensures longevity and commercial results that count.



  • research.

    We focus research on marketplace success.

    We are big believers in using the latest techniques and technologies but it’s not just the finding of insights it’s using them, expressing them and telling ‘Little stories about big truths’ that makes the Elephants Can’t Jump approach refreshingly different.