Getting the customer experience right.

Morrison’s bid a farewell to the misty machines after failing to connect with its customer.

So Dalton Philips will leave early.

Today I hear.

And his misty machines will leave as soon as possible too.

Not because they don’t work.
(The fruit and veg look lovely bathed in the fine mist of a dewy morn.)
But because they are a symbol of the loss of connection between Morrisons and its core customer.

I’ll be sad to see the misters go.

But we should be pleased that this debate brings the customer experience centre-stage.
It asks us to consider the value of the investment in the touchpoints of brands and retailers.
And the more people consider these moments of truth the more we will see the commercial value of an enhanced experience.

The days where marketing departments would leave the customer experience to the retail and operational teams, so that they could concentrate on the machinations at the ad agency are long gone.
Customer Experience has been elevated to the rank it deserves.

Good Bye Misty Machines. Hello Fair Ranking.


Bob Bayman