Dippy to leave the brand threshold.

Dippy the diplodocus is leaving the Natural History Museum.

No he’s not!

He will still be there, but he is leaving the Entrance Hall.

The reaction amongst the press and the public at large shows me the deep seated understanding we all have for what the Brand Experience guys call the “Threshold Moment”.

Every brand-led retailer considers what impression to make as the customer steps over the threshold.

The customer changes mindset from the street to the inside of the store.

Sometimes they even physically stop to take in the new sensations:

– new vista
– new temperature
– new smells
– new latest products
– perhaps a greeter

The customer pauses, recalibrates their senses and then steps forward into a new world.

Dippy has been used in countless Brand Experience presentations as specialists seek to show the client the power of “First Impression”.

What excellent brand Threshold Moments have you come across?

What’s your own brand’s Threshold Moment?


Bob Bayman