The power of endorsement.

Dove Men+Care partner up with rugby stars to make male grooming masculine.

With the World Cup imminent, and rugby fever set to take over the nation, one can definitely expect to see the faces of Owen Farrell, Mike Brown and Chris Robshaw everywhere. Admittedly however one such place that I didn’t expect to see a huge poster of a rugby player was above Waterloo station with the Dove slogan splattered across it. A beautiful black and white image of a tough, raring to go ball in hand, rugby player had a real touch of elegance not conventionally thought of on the rugby pitch. In the same way, reading about Liverpool FC’s recent partnership deal with Nivea for Men isn’t the typical link up you might expect… So ultimately what does all this tell us?

That before every international match, the England Rugby locker room is filled with mirrors and grooming products? That the key to Sturridge’s scoring ability is his deodorant? Somehow I doubt it. That doesn’t mean to say however I think this strategic alignment of men’s grooming brands to align themselves with ultra-masculine sports is or will be in vein. Ultimately it would seem the world of men’s grooming is trying to give the perhaps normally moisturiser shy males of the nation a supportive encouragement that grooming is not just a female game.

Just like females who know, that the hold of Cheryl Cole’s hair using L’Oreal hairspray is unlikely to have had a massive effect on her career, females still follow their idols and choose their celebrity endorsed beauty products… It’s worked for the likes of L’Oreal so who is to say it won’t work in the world of male grooming…


Ellie Tutt