Gü #dessertisland

A transformational experience with Gü.

I was invited to visit Gü Pudding’s new pop-up in London this week with promises of a bit of ‘me-time’ it was not to be sniffed at. The pop-up is part of a PR drive to publicise and promote the brand’s recent launch of a single serve format product designed to appeal more to today’s top-up shopping, single person household, young professional market. A good move.

The pop-up premise is that for these busy people Gü provides a moment of individual pleasure where they can switch off and enjoy some ‘me-time’ to break up their day. The execution is a multi-sensory experience. You choose your favourite Gü product and an idyllic ‘dessert’ island destination to go to.

Sat in front of a curved screen in a beach chair I was served with my favourite Gü-zillionaire pudding, enjoying sounds of gently lapping waves, a light breeze blowing through rustling palm-like foliage and a fresh scent wafting though the air. The Gü logo on the screen fades away into looped footage of a St. Lucian beach scene as if that’s my view from the chair. And then you’re left on your own. There’s nothing to do but enjoy the moment. The quality of the execution was enough like a beach experience (without the annoying sand, other people, sticky humidity or looky-looky men) to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment conducive to making me want to kick of my shoes “aaaaaand reeeelax!”.

A lovely contrast to buzzing around a sunny London. Let’s hope it helps transform the brand as much as it transformed my mood.


Will Rees-Hooper