So what can brands learn from cricket?

As the tension rises between two great cricketing nations, what can brands learn from the game?

I awoke, this morning, the start of the 3rd Ashes test, of which has already been a great series, and I looked at how over the past 15 years cricket has evolved, and although an unlikely comparison, some brands should take note of what cricket has done. Over the past 15 years, cricket as a brand, has gone from a traditional, brand in decline, to one of the most exciting products through creating an exciting, engaging brand experience.

If you think about cricket in 2000. The county game was in decline, the test match audience was an ageing population and the following was of a traditional sort. Fast forward 15 years and you have one of the most popular sports across all demographics, engaging both sex’s as well as all age groups. So how have they done it?

They have not abandoned what made it great, they have simply enhanced it. It has innovated on a traditional product, both on the field and off the field, making it exciting, educational and entertaining.

So what can brands learn from cricket? Don’t stand still. Innovating on what made you great should always be at the core of one’s business, but taking advantage of the digital channels to widen your engagement with your audiences should also not be ignored. Creating that 1st class experience across all touch points, is what makes brands stand out in today’s world.


Rory Stewart-Richardson