If designing by committee is not for you…

So many people talk of the problems with too many people being involved with the design process. Spare a thought for New Zealanders who are redesigning their flag – together!


I like the process:

– everyone in the country had the opportunity to enter their designs.

– criteria were selected (and pretty good ones at that – see below).

– a committee whittled the long list down to a short list of four.

– and now everyone gets to vote on which one they prefer.


And here are the criteria, as listed by the Chair of the Committee:

– needs to be about history and future.

– needs to hold people from divers backgrounds together.

– needs to be simple enough to have impact.

– needs to stand out and be uniquely New Zealand.


Does it all matter?  Of course it matters… Look what it did for South Africa as part of the healing process and move towards a new future.

Of course there are thousands of disgruntled doom-sayers with their complaints all over the twittersphere but I think they will come out with a good result from this bold vision and sound process.

Good luck to them.


Bob Bayman