Elephants Can’t Jump Graduate Scheme 2015.

Starting back when the financial crisis hit and student jobs were few and far between, the Elephants Can’t Jump Graduate Scheme is now into its 6th year and goes from strength to strength. This week, big congratulations and a huge welcome go to our newest recruit and youngest Herd member Natalie. Nat joins the Grad scheme from Nottingham Uni where she studied History.

Every year the application numbers and quality have increased and Nat was top of the pile of over 150 candidates. Thanks for everyone who applied and made it so competitive. For Nat, it’ll be a steep learning curve into branding, not least of which is the drastic change from student and academic pace of life to that of an agency… Get used to being asked for everything yesterday Nat! We’ll all be here to help you along the way.

A trained ballerina from leafy Greenwich… (although we haven’t seen her pliée or pirouette around the agency yet), here’s what she’s got to say about joining the Herd;

“I wanted a job that inspired me – Elephants Can’t Jump has done just that! It’s an engaging and collaborative agency, constantly using creativity to inspire innovation. Being new to the marketing world, I am particularly interested by the contemporary shift toward brand experience. It is a very exciting time to join Elephants and I cannot wait to get stuck in to my first big project!”

Last year’s graduate, Ellie is now 6 months into full time employment as a Brand Builder and has the following words of reflection/advice;

“The best piece of advice I can give to any new recruit in the world of branding is the old cliché of – the more you put in the more you get out. If you truly immerse yourself in the world of brands, you’ll notice things you wouldn’t have before and learn a lot about the choices you personally make in everyday life that you might have previously thought were insignificant…”

For those final year students thinking of a career in the agency world, keep your eyes peeled for updates for next year’s application process.


Emma Christie-Miller