As technology evolves, consumers minds broaden, what makes a successful brand in 2015?

As technology evolves, consumers’ minds broaden, what makes a successful brand in 2015?

I think this is a question that a lot of brands are asking themselves as the market changes. Traditionally, brands are built on values/proposition and the product on offer, which still is the base of a good brand, but nowadays there’s more at play.

The increase of young agile brands has really stirred the brand world up. Brands that were born in the digital era, really have transformed the market. They have learnt from the big brands about what makes a brand survive, but diluted it with technology, added in agility and created an experience that consumers want to be part of.

I believe the days of being brand loyal are numbered, in particular for financial services, travel & leisure. The public are way more fickle. They want to be part of something, they want something they can share / give their opinion on, and therefore pay for an experience rather than a product.

So how can big brands adapt?

Regaining your mojo, when there are new cooler kids on the block is difficult, but do able. You can learn from them, about what works through enhancing your brand experiences, but still know that you have the values and setup of a traditional successful brand.

Argos are a brand that really have learnt from the cool kids, revolutionising their experience, without losing their way. You get that “Apple” feel when you go there,  which only enhances the service and Argos brand. They really have nailed it.

We believe by doing 3 things, you can keep your brand, no matter how big or small, fresh.

  • Stand for something and keep your course
  • Be agile in the way you deliver
  • Create a WOW Factor

….Remember. Brand building never stops, it is constantly evolving.


Rory Stewart-Richardson