The power of brand partnerships.

Pegasus Airline and Marvel Comics – an unlikely brand partnership that grabbed my attention throughout.

Be honest, who pays full attention to airline safety briefings before takeoff nowadays? British Airways save their staffs blushes with an animated video, and subtitles mean it can be done in one fell swoop. Clever. But not interesting. We just want to get on with it and up in the air so we can watch films.

Flying home from Turkey this week, Pegasus airlines had my undivided attention. How? An unlikely but effective and powerful brand partnership with Marvel Comics. All of a sudden safety went from boring to engaging. Their safety video beats British Airways hands down.

Realising what Matt Groening (The Simpsons) and Pixar have previously, it had something for everyone. In this instance; every age represented, smiles all round, a clear story, eye candy for both genders, great visual effects and a bit of Hollywood magic. See for yourself below(you’ve heard the voiceover a thousand times before so you don’t need to understand Turkish to know what’s going on). It’s never going to be a reason to fly Pegasus but if it makes people pay more attention and saves lives in the event of an accident then it’s worth every penny.

Often the things that don’t add market ‘value’ to your brand add value in other more powerful ways. Call it whatever you like, soft value, intangible value, or even a waste of money but your brand is only as good as the last experience and I’m talking about it and not the fact the flight was delayed by 2.5 hours or that we had to pay for water, they wouldn’t even refill our bottle. It was an unexpected high point in the brand experience. The more of those you can deliver, the better. Simple as that.

There are examples of other airlines heralded as great for doing things in their own way, Southwest Airlines probably the most well known. Watch the Southwest Airlines safety rap below if you haven’t already seen it. But where Southwest relies on the empowerment of their employees and recruitment team, Pegasus used a brand partnership to strengthen where they were weaker.

You don’t have to be the best at everything. Great brands use the strength of others effectively.



Will Rees-Hooper