The wonders of the Selfridges windows.

Always clear, consistently outstanding and above all a beacon of creativity.

Every morning I catch the bus up Oxford Street, and every morning I sit on the left hand side.


It gives me a better view of the Selfridges windows.

I don’t even have to step off the bus, let alone into the store to be truly dazzled. From just one Apple Watch delicately placed in the centre of every window surrounded by a decadent floral forest last month, to a glittering display of artistry and fashion embracing a ‘journey to the stars’ without an ounce of tackiness in sight to mark the beginning of November, Selfridges reign supreme in the battle of the windows.

A display of Selfridges’ products this is certainly not. Instead they are beacons of creativity, examples of sheer brilliance and above all an example of brand retaining its reputation as an unwavering pioneer – after all H Gordon Selfridge certainly created the Department Store framework many stores follow today.

So Selfridges I thank you entirely. Not only does my monthly seasonal bus ticket get me from Victoria to work, but moreover it gives me a monthly pass to, in my opinion, one of the best exhibitions London has to offer.


Ellie Tutt