Reclaim your lunchbreak.

I will be asking Santa for Frankincense this year – apparently it has anti-ageing qualities. I also struggle to sleep a lot of the time –so I am going to try a drop of Vetiver on my pillow…

I must admit in the past I have been a little sceptical about herbal remedies but acknowledging that Penicillin is from the fungi family I went along to a Neals Yard Remedies Workshop, courtesy of Stylist Magazine’s ‘Reclaim Your Lunchbreak’ with an open mind.

The campaign which took place on  a Friday lunchtime offered Stylist readers the chance to sign up to an array of courses across the Capital (and other parts of the country) ranging from yoga to gingerbread making workshops utilising lunch hours.

I had a fantastic time sampling delicious energy balls, eggnog drinks and learning about different oil benefits whilst getting to take home some gorgeous treats to try out. But from a Brand Builder’s point of view, I have serious admiration for Stylist’s ability to create a scheme tapping into a common insight amongst its readership: the reality that ‘one hour lunchbreaks’ in today’s busy world is a rare luxury infrequently taken.

I found myself therefore asking what other opportunities are out there for brands to exploit ‘reclaimable’ situations consumers currently find themselves too time pressured to enjoy…

Could Kellogg’s host a day of nationwide breakfast clubs, giving customers the chance to enjoy a proper sit down breakfast on their way to work instead of grabbing something on the go?

Would the rail networks be daring enough to ban laptops for one evening making sure the commute home could not be an extension of office hours?

Imagine if M&S launched a range of deconstructed ready meals letting customers cook with absolute ease in the same time it would take to cook a premade option…

Stylist’s forward thinking, insight-led campaign not only shows the power of understanding what your consumer needs, but also the reality of what your consumer wants yet currently is unable to have.


Ellie Tutt