Breakthrough research methodologies.

Building closer relationships with your consumers.

The world of research has changed. Standard focus groups are becoming obsolete. They often lack the dynamism and energy needed to unlock the insight that marketers need. This is especially true when it comes to new product research. How can we expect a truthful answer about how a new product fits in with consumers’ lives when it is tested in an artificial setting and spoken about in a purely conceptual way? Have you ever been in a research facility and wanted to bang on the glass and say “You say you would use the product in that moment but would you really?” We have and that’s why we developed the Consumer Lab methodology.


Consumer Lab overview:

A blend of immersive ethnographic research with ‘real life’ product testing followed by co-creation sessions to discuss individual experiences and collectively build the strongest answer.

Consumers are asked to live with a product for a set period of time. We are looking to understand what role the product would play in their lives so look to make the experience as natural as possible, keeping instructions deliberately open. We ask them to record short video blogs as a capture method (rather than written diaries). They then come into the “Lab”, which is run by Board Level Elephants, as engaged and willing consumers ready to share their experiences.


Great for:

Gathering insight on product usage when put in the context of the immediate and wider competitive set. It is a great way to help direct product development, in any stage prior to launch, where there are particular issues or questions to resolve.


Our difference:

We have developed breakthroughs for a number of clients using our Consumer Lab. As experts in innovation and research we are uniquely placed to deliver compelling recommendations and thinking that unlock the full potential of an idea.

To find out more about the successes that have come from our Consumer Lab, please get in touch as we would love to arrange a coffee over the next few weeks.



Rory Stewart-Richardson