Sex vs research…

When we hear marketers talking about insight, it’s like listening to teenagers talk about sex…

Lots of bravado, a cheeky nod and a wink but in truth a deep insecurity that they are doing it right! I am sure we can all relate.

Below we move from the bedroom to the boardroom, to shed more light on what we are actually talking about…

When you are looking to penetrate the market place and grow as a business, we believe certain key stages ensure success.



Our four key stages:


1. Set the scene.

Strategic rigour, gives people a clearer sight on WHY we are doing what we are doing. We need more of this and not just focus on WHAT we are doing.


2. Give and take.

Look down both ends of the telescope…by focusing on specific details and the broader context, allows us to become clear on the day to day consumer struggles, the compromise and the problem, set within the competitive context.


3. Bigger and more beautiful ideas come from focusing on an hourglass figure.

We look to maximise every idea. We look to build on them at every stage, so you get bigger and better ideas at the end of the process.


4. Start a chain reaction that ends in satisfaction.

So the last person in the chain is as clear, enthusiastic and committed as the first.



Not only do we focus on 4 key stages but we believe that to create that smile, that second date, that unforgettable performance, you need to add some spice by:


Taking some risks

We believe on building something for the future and not building something on what we used to do…


Getting a little crazy

Research needs less control and more freak.


Involving new partners

With believe in the wider picture… Sitting around the table with Customers, Consumers, Colleagues and new Technologies really ensures or corners are covered.


Introducing the awkward stranger

Look to the future… Don’t just let the status quo take over.



Rory Stewart-Richardson