Breakthrough research methodologies.

Putting consumers at the centre of the ideation process.

The traditional model of idea generation was a lengthy one and only once ideas were fully formed and beautifully expressed did we turn to consumers and ask “did we do a good job?” That model still stands but it’s an expensive and time consuming way to go about it. Well recruited consumers don’t need finished concepts to evaluate their merits – all they need is to understand the core idea for them to tell us whether it’s motivating and fits their lives.


“Consumer in the Room” Overview:

Consumer in the Room is a methodology that intersperses ideation with qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative version brings in groups of consumers at the end of day 1 of a 2 day innovation session to understand which areas or ideas are hot and which are not. It gives greater clarity and direction to optimise ideas for day 2. The quantitative version uses an overnight panel to concept screen ideas. It really is a great way to take the internal emotion out of evaluating whether an idea is genius or madness.


Great for:

Putting the consumer at the heart of our Innovation process. By engaging with the consumers during the idea generation process, it enables us to get instant feedback, use consumer response to generate more ideas and be much more objective during the ideation phase.


Our difference:

We have developed breakthrough builds for a number of clients using Consumer in the Room. Our skills in idea expression ensure we are able to explore and test ideas even at the very early stages of their development.

To find out more about the successes that have come from our Consumer Lab, please get in touch as we would love to arrange a coffee over the next few weeks.



Rory Stewart-Richardson