Releasing the inner child

Most of what I see in China each time I visit is about scale…. The enormous size of everything from underground station entrances to the city centre squares.

But this time something new caught my attention.  An article in the Daily China about the new “Shanghai-Hong Kong New World Department Store”.

In a move that more resembles a theme park or a Google HQ the department store is diving into the “experience world” with a new slide:  the 16 second ride has the shopper spinning down five storeys through the central atrium of the store.   It’s designed to bring a smile to faces, but also to get people talking…
Building in these talk-worthy features is becoming a vital part of any marketing campaign…  “Everyone is Talking about it” the marketing spokesperson declares.

And customer duly respond: “I’m planning to try it and I’ll bring along my friends and family to see how thrilling it is”.

There is an opportunity in every brand to add that extra twist, that unexpected smile that makes the customer think and talk.









Bob Bayman