Another Non-Brand Moment

I was at the Shambala festival a couple of weekends ago. A fabulous festival full of new thinking, old crafts and eccentric clothing – and yet not one brand.

In three days, I only saw an Enterprise Rent A Van make a delivery and a Greenpeace interactive display. As day one finished and batteries were sapped, even Apple disappeared from view.

All the food stalls were locally run. The beer was local too or made for the festival circuit and no-one seemed to be there as part of a marketing strategy, or even a consumer-engagement programme.

It has become the norm not to see brands in the bars and lobbies of some of the best hotels as they take pride in finding unusual suppliers, or making their own drinks, cocktails, foods. But is this non-branded thing catching on? Maybe the branded world is changing shape as consumers seek meaning beyond the material.

Where will it move to next?

Bob Bayman