Christmas – has it arrived too soon?

We’re in the second week of October. Halloween hasn’t even passed us by, let alone Guy Fawkes night but already I’ve seen advent calendars on sale in M&S, Malteser Reindeers in Superdrug and Christmas lights (albeit not lit) on Oxford Street. More and more brands are introducing Christmas products and pushing out reminders earlier each year. I find myself wondering whether it begins to take the sparkle out of Christmas – after 3 months we’re all a bit sick of it!

There is no denying Christmas is a lucrative time for brands but perhaps they would benefit by waiting a little longer, and offering better innovations and offers at the last minute…

Take Amazon’s success last year – in the 3rd week of December it added 3 million people to Prime Subscription thanks to its free two day delivery offer. But this makes sense to me – it’s in December when people are far more likely to have Christmas on their radar. Consumer grocery shopping behaviour is increasing becoming more spontaneous and ‘top up’ based. Therefore in a society increasing in impulsive shopping, I question the likelihood of buying for Christmas in such advance.

There may well be more value for brands in introducing offers and Christmas specials closer to Christmas – grabbing the attention of consumers and playing to their impulsiveness. If brands can help heighten the anticipation of Christmas they may well benefit from more excited consumers who are more eager to spend…

Ellie Tutt