Tis the season to be striking, apparently….

I write this blog from my kitchen table. I am indeed one of the 300,000 people that can’t get to work today due to industrial action by Southern Rail.

If this was the first episode of ‘strike’ action for a while, perhaps I’d be slightly more sympathetic. But considering I’ve endured months and months of cancelled trains due to strike action, delayed services due to staff shortages and, in the best case scenario, when a train is actually running being so cramped into a corner that I can’t even reach into my pocket – I’d say my sympathy is now wearing dangerously thin….

Whatever happened to putting the customer first? Clearly Southern Rail doesn’t value its customers like other brands who are devoted to outstanding customer service at all costs… You certainly wouldn’t see this kind of behaviour from John Lewis would you?

But ultimately who is to blame? Those on strike, Southern Rail bosses – if I am honest I don’t know. And I no longer particularly care. All I do know is that it’s the paying customers suffering most.

So come on Southern Rail – put the customers first and spread a bit of Christmas love and cheer… all I’m asking for is to get to work (not even for free – I have a rail card!).

Be the brand I know you can be and sort this out…. you might just be able to save your reputation – after all Christmas is the time for forgiveness….

Ellie Tutt