New Year, Same Old Campaigns

It’s that time of year again… the annual month-long purge of unhealthy habits and desperately signing up to fitness classes to shed those Christmas pounds.

Brands are fully aware of how powerful the ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality is and come January are falling over themselves to sell consumers the ‘fix all’ solution. Gyms are offering new membership deals, the shelves of book stores are filling with health guides, and supermarkets are dusting off their detox range.

But has this health kick trend gone too far?

Only this week I saw that Kwik Fit, an automotive repairs company, had released its own tyre workout video. Whilst mildly entertaining, the brands identity seems to be lost in its ‘Fit Kwik with Kwik Fit’ campaign and it is in danger of getting blurring into the crowd of  companies promoting healthy living this time of year.

In order to stand apart from the rest in the New Year health drive madness, brands should stop trying to jump on the fitness bandwagon and instead look for inventive self-improvement campaigns that really speak to their consumer base.

One great example comes from a group of British breweries who have clubbed together to promote ‘Tryanuary’. A twist on Cancer Research’s ‘Dry January’, this campaign encourages consumers to try different beers, broaden their tastes and support local businesses. Tryanuary has received widespread support from consumers and the alcohol industry as innovative approach to the month of new habits and fresh starts. It sets an example to other brands to not be afraid of thinking outside of the New Year detox box and reminds consumers that striving towards a ‘new you’ could be more exciting than shedding a few kilos.

Maddie Webb