Dove – does one size fit all?

Rather than perpetuating the brand’s body positive image, Dove’s new Body Shaped shower gel bottles fail to understand real consumer needs.

Maddie Webb
A ‘sweet’ innovation

Change in public opinion has meant brands that sell products high in sugar have found themselves in a situation that is far from sweet…

Maddie Webb
Monzo – The future of banking?

With the slogan ‘it’s time for a new kind of bank’, Monzo is taking a fresh perspective on the traditional (and very outdated) banking experience…

Natalie Aylward
New Year, Same Old Campaigns

How can brands stand apart from the crowd, and take advantage of the ‘New Year, New Me’ trend?

Maddie Webb
Tis the season to be striking, apparently….

Southern rail: A brand that certainly doesn’t have its customers at the heart of thinking…

Ellie Tutt
The Donald

Love him, hate him, there’s still no denying the power of Donald Trump’s personal brand…

Maddie Webb
Toblerone – mind the gap!

Toblerone has changed its signature chocolate bar shape and British consumers are in uproar…

Amy Cowpe
Glenfiddich – giving whisky a new lease of life

With its new Experimental Series launching in November, Glenfiddich is taking the first pioneering step into a brave new age for whisky…

Kate Sheerin
Christmas – has it arrived too soon?

There is no denying Christmas is a lucrative time for brands but they might benefit by keeping us waiting a little longer…

Ellie Tutt
The potato re-brand – from spud to superfood

Unceremoniously pushed out of the limelight by the superfood parade, the potato has been having a hard time lately. But it looks like the humble spud is going to take a stand…

Kate Sheerin
Catwalks and Crocs – the rise of the ugly shoe

Was Christopher Kane’s decision to deck out his catwalk models in the world’s least sexy shoes ‘fashion suicide’ or a sign that attitudes are changing towards what’s considered stylish?

Maddie Webb
Elephants Can’t Jump Graduate Scheme 2016

This month big congratulations and a warm welcome go to the newest addition to the herd, Maddie.

The Herd
Teatime – introducing the new cuppa

Could aerosol tea really replace the cuppa or is this one innovation step too far?

Natalie Aylward
Another Non-Brand Moment

It the branded world changing shape as consumers seek meaning beyond the material?

Bob Bayman
Roald Dahl – the ultimate creator?

With this year marking the 100th anniversary of his birthday, Roald Dahl exemplifies how heritage brands can continue to offer a magical experience, long after they have been established…

Natalie Aylward
Laptop brands – it’s time to put the customer first

When your laptop finally grinds to a halt and bites the dust, it’s not the only painful part. Finding a replacement means delving into a confusing, crowded and competitive marketplace…

Will Rees-Hooper
The future of food?

The world’s first lab grown beef burger was launched in London last week creating an interesting tension between the advance of technology and consumers’ desire for natural food…

Ellie Tutt
Are discounts devaluing your brand?

Good quality items and creating a great customer brand experience are central to creating brand loyalty in the modern world

Natalie Aylward
Aperol O’Clock

Watch out Pimm’s, there’s a new kid on the block taking the nation by storm… the Aperol Spritz.

Ellie Tutt
Homelessness in a cashless society

In a cashless society, innovation will be key within the charity sector to make sure we don’t leave the homeless behind…

Amy Cowpe
Train strikes have two victims – customers and brands

Why brand owners must take control of each and every part of their customer experience.

Will Rees-Hooper
Extending your taste beyond what you wear

Fashion and food industries are going above and beyond to provide differentiated experiences…

The Herd
Trend tracker: custom content

Customisation is a trend that has been gaining momentum for some time.

Natalie Aylward
The future of… our iconic red phone boxes

As a society of avid mobile phones users, these quintessentially British landmarks now have an average of 1 call per week made from them.

Amy Cowpe
Instagram has a new logo.

…And I don’t like it.

Natalie Aylward
Charity’s not all fun and games…

In the modern world, the charity sector has become a saturated market place.

Natalie Aylward
Releasing the inner child

Most of what I see in China each time I visit is about scale…. But this time something new caught my attention.

Bob Bayman
Virgin Atlantic… the face of ordinary

As a self-confessed brand fanatic, I completely bought into the glamour of the Virgin Atlantic communications.

Natalie Aylward
Retail is theatre

Retail is not just like theatre. It is theatre.

Bob Bayman
Breakthrough research methodologies.

Putting consumers at the centre of the ideation process.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Are BBC leading the way for the traditional Broadcasters?

On Monday 15th February, BBC 3 announced that it was their last night on the traditional viewing platform, the television, due to the fact that they were looking to save £30 million.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Sex vs research…

When we hear marketers talking about insight, it’s like listening to teenagers talk about sex…

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Breakthrough research methodologies.

Building closer relationships with your consumers.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Everything in moderation.

How are the changing perceptions towards alcohol affecting the beer industry?

Thomas Holliday
Huge reductions on brand experience in-store now!

How heavily are brand perceptions damaged by sale-time delirium?

Thomas Holliday
Reclaim your lunchbreak.

I will be asking Santa for Frankincense this year – apparently it has anti-ageing qualities. I also struggle to sleep a lot of the time –so I am going to try a drop of Vetiver on my pillow…

Ellie Tutt
360° immersive content is here.

Prepare to be amazed. How far can it go?

Will Rees-Hooper
The wonders of the Selfridges windows.

Always clear, consistently outstanding and above all a beacon of creativity.

Ellie Tutt
They might not be your number 1 supermarket, but they are morally taking the lead…

Morrisons tackle the issue of food poverty by partnering with food charity; FoodCycle.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Stylist: a living, breathing brand.

Stylist has become somewhat of a media phenomenon with a loyal following and for good reason.

Kate Sheerin
More at home than the locals.

How is the democratisation of information affecting tourism?

Thomas Holliday
Can targeting a niche by rebelling against the norm capture mainstream younger lifestages?

Looking at whether fashion retailer Farfetch’s ‘unfollow’ campaign will grab brand promiscuous younger lifestages.

Emma Christie-Miller
Star of the week is John Lewis. Again.

Thursday morning is Store Tour morning at Elephants Can’t Jump. Our opportunity to see some of the best branding, retail and product design ideas in London.

Bob Bayman
Eyeball tracking on the tube.

Are consumers less susceptible to advertising’s allure than ever before?

Bob Bayman
National Lottery: not in it to win it.

Have the recent changes to Lotto left their aspirational customers behind?

Thomas Holliday
Coca-Cola – the brand that saved the world.

Actions speak far louder than words for brands. Coca-Cola should take this golden opportunity to build their brand.

Will Rees-Hooper
The GWR rebrand.

Looking back to move forwards. Can a return to heritage help to reinvigorate your brand?

Kate Sheerin
What is the future of sugar…

An insight into our knowledge of sugar.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
The power of brand partnerships.

Pegasus Airline and Marvel Comics – an unlikely brand partnership that grabbed my attention throughout.

Will Rees-Hooper
Critical insights.

What can be gleaned from the collective intuition of social media users?

Thomas Holliday
Trust: how much does it really matter?

Trust. A huge word in branding. If you don’t have it, then you want it. Just look at all the brands in the finance industry. But how much is it really worth today?

Will Rees-Hooper
Elephants Can’t Jump Graduate Scheme 2015.

This month we welcome our newest recruit Nat to the herd.

Emma Christie-Miller
Get the research right, and the awards will look after themselves.

The best things come from a single strong idea…Why research starts a chain reaction that ensures award winning executions.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
England Rugby ‘brand’ needs a household hero.

Where’s the spirit of London 2012, RWC2015?

Will Rees-Hooper
Bob Bayman: Guest speaker at The London School of Retail Banking.

Bob was privileged to be asked to share his extensive, Banking and Customer Experience knowledge at The London School of Retail Banking.

Bob Bayman
Birdies & bankers.

This summer’s Herd Bash saw us on the green and at the races, with mixed results.

Thomas Holliday
As technology evolves, consumers minds broaden, what makes a successful brand in 2015?

Brand building never stops, it is constantly evolving, so where do you fit in the spectrum.

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Bob Bayman joins Elephants Can’t Jump.

From Unilever to Diesel, M&S to Elephants Can’t Jump we are excited to welcome Bob Bayman to the Herd.

Emma Christie-Miller
If designing by committee is not for you…

Spare a thought for New Zealanders who are redesigning their flag – together!

Bob Bayman
Top Gear moves into the fast(er) lane.

Yet another clear sign the landscape is changing.

Will Rees-Hooper
Red or black: are the odds too short?

Has the latest Wine Gums product lost the brand’s charm?

Thomas Holliday
So what can brands learn from cricket?

As the tension rises between two great cricketing nations, what can brands learn from the game?

Rory Stewart-Richardson
The problem with the Apple Watch.

Not cool.

Will Rees-Hooper
Gü #dessertisland

A transformational experience with Gü.

Will Rees-Hooper
The power beauty offers brands.

Transforming a product without changing the product at all.

Thomas Holliday
Good Evenings, Pret A Manger!

Pret A Manger extend business into evening hours for a casual dining experience.

Bob Bayman
When packaging ceases to be packaging.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure packaging doesn’t become landfill?

Thomas Holliday
What does the new wave of healthy consumers mean for the Alcohol sector?

How can alcohol brands take control of the healthy consumer?

Rory Stewart-Richardson
BrewDog: Craft beer for punks or the mainstream?

Is the hangover setting in for BrewDog? How far can the brand stretch before they become everything they stand against?

Bob Bayman
As consumers take control, how important is brand integrity?

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

Rory Stewart-Richardson
Are poor quality perceptions of low cost brands changing?

Quality is Cheap!

Bob Bayman
The supermarket brand race.

With Aldi overtaking Waitrose to become the sixth biggest supermarket chain in the U.K – the question is should FMCG brands be worried too?

Ellie Tutt
Jigsaw’s brand transformation.

From frumpy to fabulous.

Ellie Tutt
A magical brand experience at Porsche.

The little things make all the difference.

Will Rees-Hooper
2015: The year of the on-demand marketplace.

What do Uber, Bizzby & AirBnB all have in common?

Will Rees-Hooper
The value of a brand with a sustainable, eco-friendly ethos.

Clean, green, money making machines.

Will Rees-Hooper
How brand partnerships can work.

Taylors of Harrogate & Kew Gardens celebrate their 1st anniversary with the launch of a new green tea range.

Kate Sheerin
The intuition of innovation.

Have some balls. It can get you a long way. Coca-Cola show how it’s done.

Will Rees-Hooper
The key to winning the battle of the brands.

How consistent passion and purpose is the way to become, stay and always remain a top brand.

Ric Simcock
The power of endorsement.

Dove Men+Care partner up with rugby stars to make male grooming masculine.

Ellie Tutt
A brand’s toilet experience really can say a lot.

A look at the new Virgin trains toilet experience.

Ric Simcock
Getting the customer experience right.

Morrison’s bid a farewell to the Misty Machines after failing to connect with its customer.

Bob Bayman
Dippy to leave the brand threshold.

Dippy the diplodocus is leaving the Natural History Museum.

Bob Bayman