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giving brands the agility to jump ahead.

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we deliver agile thinking and competitive differentiation to help brands and organisations to jump ahead.

  • footprint brand strategy.

    Mapping out the big & little steps for brands to forge their own path

    Great brands make you want to join them. They create a bond that is strong, resilient and emotional. That’s why we work so hard to give your brand a clear mission and obsessions – to set out why your brand exists and what makes it different.

    Our philosophy on brand strategy is simple: one thought, beautifully delivered. We give you clarity and conviction, so you can explain your brand in 10 seconds. Because simplicity is the ultimate goal.

    Key tools:
    –    Brand Positioning
    –    Brand Architecture
    –    Brand Identity
    –    Brand Activation

  • stampede innovation.

    Creating unstoppable energy behind innovation

    The secret to successful innovation? We believe it’s about thinking big and thinking small. Big is about having the ambition and drive to make a real difference to consumers’ lives. Small is about sweating the detail to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

    We have a new model of innovation. One that’s more agile, more collaborative and more effective. A process that’s designed to be as high on impact as a stampeding herd of elephants.

    Key tools:
    –    Opportunity Mapping
    –    Innovation Incubator
    –    Concept Development
    –    Launch Strategy



  • herd insight.

    Sensing beyond the rational to unlock the unsaid

    Consumers are inscrutable. Even if someone claims to wear their heart on their sleeve, chances are you’ll still be missing part of the puzzle. Because the majority of decisions we make are shaped by the subconscious.

    We believe that for true insight, you need to uncover the emotions, behaviours and motivations that lie beneath the rational surface. That’s why our research methodologies focus on understanding how consumers behave and respond, as well as what they say.

    Key tools:
    –    Immersive Digital Ethnography
    –    Up Close Observations
    –    Dynamic Co-Creation
    –    Real Time Consumer Lab