How a humanities degree prepares you for a career in marketing

Here we explore 6 reasons why a humanities degree is excellent preparation for a career in marketing.

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Brand Planning 2021 & 2022: Nine Top Tips

Here we share our nine tops tips for successful brand planning in 2021 and 2022.

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Super Bowl adverts 2021: the Herd’s top picks

In this article, a few members of the Herd share their views on their favourite Super Bowl 2021 adverts.

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Why business travel may never be the same again

One of the positives of Covid-19 has been the cultural acceptance of conducting business meetings online. Here we explore why online meetings might be here to stay in a post-Covid world.

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How to master brand guidelines

In this article we share a four step process to master the art of writing brand guidelines.

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Diversity in perspectives: get the jigsaw done more quickly

Here we explore what diversity means to us at Elephants Can’t Jump and why it is so important.

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The Elephants’ 5 steps to concept success

In this article we share our 5-step process to creating successful concepts, finessed over our 20 years in business.

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Ten lessons we learnt in 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on the ten lessons we have learnt from this challenging year.

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How do brands make products worthy of being Christmas gifts?

The festive season has arrived and it is the prime opportunity for brands to showcase their products in all their glory. But how do brands transform ordinary purchases into Christmas worthy gifts?

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The Elephant’s foodie tour of Melton Mowbray & Vale of Belvoir

Here we highlight a handful of the inspirational brands based in Melton Mowbray & the Vale of Belvoir, that the team at Elephants were due to see on their food tour.

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Christmas 2020: Top 3 lessons brands can learn from the Christmas adverts this year

Tis the season to be jolly! To mark the start of the festive season, Elephants have reviewed the 2020 Christmas adverts and highlighted 3 lessons brands can learn from them.

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Lockdown 2.0: How can brands stay ahead and stay relevant?

As we enter lockdown 2.0 what must brands do to engage shoppers and boost online ‘footfall’?

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Inside the factory: Production transparency and conscious consumption

The importance of celebrating the people & processes behind a product, and the brands that take the consumer inside the factory.

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Le Tour, The Giro, The Vuelta: So much wasted effort!

So much ambition, skill and determination goes into Le Tour, The Giro and The Vuelta, but the marketing strategy always seems to fall short of the effort the cyclists go to…

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How the small, fight the big fight

The underdog story has a reality within the world of consumer goods. Here are five brand strategy lessons we can learn from small but mighty brands.

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In Conversation with the Elephants: Brand growth and the power of the Brand Experience with Paul Mynard

Paul Mynard, founder of Brand Design Lab, talks to us about the importance of brand growth right now, and the role that brand experience plays in it.

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Branding like VELCRO: Gucci Tailoring

It hooks, it catches, it grabs, and it holds. If it didn’t it wouldn’t work and things would fall apart. So what does branding like VELCRO look like?

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Twenty (plus one) things we have learnt about branding after twenty years in business

Elephants Can’t Jump is 20! To mark the occasion here are twenty (plus one) things we have learnt about branding after twenty years in the business.

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How to ensure your heritage brand remains relevant

In our increasingly brand conscious world, heritage brands must engage with today’s consumers to stay relevant and achieve brand growth. Here are five top tips for heritage brands.

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Madeleine Webb & Andrea Waters
In Conversation with the Elephants: Health & wellbeing trends, brands & advice with Andrea Waters

We talk to Andrea Waters (Molson Coors Innovation) on wellbeing and how it is increasingly a hotbed for innovative products and brands across many different sectors.

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The impact of COVID-19 on shopper behaviour

With the relaxation of lockdown, many of us have tentatively made our way back to the shops for some non-essential shopping. But, how has the virus has changed both the face of retail and shopper behaviours?

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Elephants’ pick: innovative brands for specialist diets

With more brands than ever entering the specialist diets market, innovation in addition to taste is crucial to stand out. Here are six of our favourite innovative brands within the sector.

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Breaking category conventions in health & wellness – 5 key lessons

Branding in the health & wellness world does not need to equate to bland and clinical looking products…

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Flexitarianism: the latest new proof of an old truth

The holy grail within commerce is when a strong product meets and equally strong marketing strategy. Here are a selection of brands within the flexitarian world that we believe have achieved this winning combination.

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Five ways to ensure your brand is ready for a crisis

As a brand, being prepared for unforeseeable circumstances is now more important than ever. Here are five ways to ensure your brand is crisis ready.

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Elephants’ pick: innovative brands leading the way with sustainable packaging

At Elephants Can’t Jump we are BIG on sustainability. Here are our some of our favourite sustainable packaging solutions from innovative brands.

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5 key questions to ask yourself when defining your brand

Worried about your brand? Answer these five strategic questions to get yourself started on crafting a meaningful brand narrative.

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Elephants’ pick: 5 inspiring brand responses to the coronavirus pandemic

Throughout the pandemic brands have had to move quickly and be agile to stay ahead. Here are just some of the brands that have stood out to us during this period.

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How might consumer behaviours change in a post-covid world?

Five ways in which consumer behaviours may change in the wake of lockdown, and what brands can do to adapt and keep up.

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How can food & drink brands help consumers and communities during lockdown?

Food and drink have found new levels of significance during lock down. How can brands use insight on changing behaviours to help consumers through these tough times.

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The Elephants’ guide for hosting online focus groups

As social distancing sets in we must adapt to new ways of working. Here are our top tips for taking focus groups online.

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Wellbeing 101: #1 let’s get physical

In the first of a 4 part series exploring different aspects of wellbeing, we look at brands that have captured our attention in the world of physical wellbeing.

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Remeo Gelato going green

Following on from our final Sustainabulletin, this blog focuses on how Remeo Gelato is prioritising sustainability and marrying it with luxury and taste.

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Sustainabulletin: #3 challenger behaviour

In the third and final part of our Sustainabulletin series, we focus on the question, ‘Is it really possible to deliver sustainable solutions with scale?

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Honest Crust in focus

Following our Sustainabulletin theme, our latest blog is a conversation with Alastair Johns, Head of Brand & Category at Fresh Food for Now Company.

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Sustainabulletin: #2. eco impact

The second chapter of our 3 part series, in this Sustainabulletin we ask ourselves ‘How do we bridge the gap between consumer intention and behaviour?’

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Greta Thunberg is right, I have not been trying hard enough

In keeping with our Sustainabulletin, our Director, Bob Bayman, shares how he is trying to reduce his environmental impact whilst on the road.

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Sustainabulletin: #1. planet sized consumption

In the first of a 3 part series, we tackle the question ‘Is sustainability fundamentally at odds with fast moving consumer goods?’

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The rise of the sober social

With the no and low alcoholic drinks category predicted to grow by 32% between 2018 and 2022, the on-trade and off-trade are gradually gearing up to make way for sober socials.

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Formula E – challenging electric car stereotypes

Technological advances have given rise to electric cars as more sustainable alternatives to their fossil fuel burning cousins. However, electric cars currently face numerous challenges in reaching mainstream consumer audiences…

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Dainese’s retail revelation

The Dainese & AGV flagship store in London, perfectly exemplifies how to create one retail experience that unites different consumer types through their shared passion for motorbiking.

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Storr brings a new customer centric approach to the world of retail

Can Storr, an app that allows users to create their own online stores and buy directly from friends, signal a change in consumer buying habits and a shift in power in retail?

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The plastics problem

How can brands balance using less plastic in their packaging with practical market solutions?

The Herd
The synthetic revolution

As pressure on natural resources grows and technical capabilities improve, goods made with synthetic ingredients and processes are becoming increasingly common. But are we ready for them?

The Herd
Is the meat market bugging you?

Insects, the sustainable source of protein du jour, are hitting UK markets…

The Herd
The new gardener’s world

New era garden centres and plant shops show the power of positioning when trying to appeal to under-30s…

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Make-up gets a make-over

The definition of beauty is changing. People aren’t afraid to acknowledge and celebrate their differences and finally, there are some revolutionary cosmetic brands which are breaking through the looking glass.

The Herd
Flexible Flexitarianism

As Flexitarianism continues to emerge, looking at how quickly brands respond and in what way can shed light on different innovation cultures and their appetite for change…

The Herd
Lads, Lynx and a new age of masculinity

The recent U-turn in Lynx’s brand strategy, as seen in their ‘Is it ok for guys…?’ campaign, is a stark reminder of how strategy has to be agile to keep brands relevant to consumers…

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Turning leftover bread into beer… (yes you did read that right!)

We take a look at how brands are increasingly looking to reduce food waste leading to NPD with a real social agenda at its heart…

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Dove – does one size fit all?

Rather than perpetuating the brand’s body positive image, Dove’s new Body Shaped shower gel bottles fail to understand real consumer needs.

The Herd
Monzo – The future of banking?

With the slogan ‘it’s time for a new kind of bank’, Monzo is taking a fresh perspective on the traditional (and very outdated) banking experience…

The Herd
Toblerone – mind the gap!

Toblerone has changed its signature chocolate bar shape and British consumers are in uproar…

The Herd
Glenfiddich – giving whisky a new lease of life

With its new Experimental Series launching in November, Glenfiddich is taking the first pioneering step into a brave new age for whisky…

The Herd
Catwalks and Crocs – the rise of the ugly shoe

Was Christopher Kane’s decision to deck out his catwalk models in the world’s least sexy shoes ‘fashion suicide’ or a sign that attitudes are changing towards what’s considered stylish?

The Herd
Roald Dahl – the ultimate creator?

With this year marking the 100th anniversary of his birthday, Roald Dahl exemplifies how heritage brands can continue to offer a magical experience, long after they have been established…

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Aperol O’Clock

Watch out Pimm’s, there’s a new kid on the block taking the nation by storm… the Aperol Spritz.

The Herd
Charity’s not all fun and games…

In the modern world, the charity sector has become a saturated market place.

The Herd
Retail is theatre

Retail is not just like theatre. It is theatre.

The Herd
Huge reductions on brand experience in-store now!

How heavily are brand perceptions damaged by sale-time delirium?

The Herd
Stylist: a living, breathing brand.

Stylist has become somewhat of a media phenomenon with a loyal following and for good reason.

The Herd
The GWR rebrand.

Looking back to move forwards. Can a return to heritage help to reinvigorate your brand?

The Herd
Critical insights.

What can be gleaned from the collective intuition of social media users?

The Herd
Trust: how much does it really matter?

Trust. A huge word in branding. If you don’t have it, then you want it. Just look at all the brands in the finance industry. But how much is it really worth today?

The Herd
Bob Bayman: Guest speaker at The London School of Retail Banking.

Bob was privileged to be asked to share his extensive, Banking and Customer Experience knowledge at The London School of Retail Banking.

The Herd
Birdies & bankers.

This summer’s Herd Bash saw us on the green and at the races, with mixed results.

The Herd
Red or black: are the odds too short?

Has the latest Wine Gums product lost the brand’s charm?

The Herd
The power beauty offers brands.

Transforming a product without changing the product at all.

The Herd
When packaging ceases to be packaging.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure packaging doesn’t become landfill?

The Herd
BrewDog: Craft beer for punks or the mainstream?

Is the hangover setting in for BrewDog? How far can the brand stretch before they become everything they stand against?

The Herd
Are poor quality perceptions of low cost brands changing?

Quality is Cheap!

The Herd
Jigsaw’s brand transformation.

From frumpy to fabulous.

The Herd
The key to winning the battle of the brands.

How consistent passion and purpose is the way to become, stay and always remain a top brand.

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