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3 Colourful Brands to Inspire You

A few weeks ago, we took a deep dive into the world of colour schemes. Since then, we can’t help but notice all the colourful brands out there and how they make us feel.

We’re all familiar with Coca-Cola’s red and Selfridges bright yellow but take a look at these colourful brands and see how they make the rainbow work for them.

Crosta & Mollica

image source: Packaging of the World

Crosta & Mollica are past masters at Italian breads made to exacting recipes in the UK. They are Italian to their core but there is no place for traditional Italian stereotypes within the brand. They are a modern version of true Italy and Italian-ness and stand proud and tall in the mélèe of competitors.

A huge part of what makes Crosta & Mollica stand out is – you’ve got it – colour. In our previous blog post, we talked about how too much yellow is not a good thing but here, we have an example of a brand who takes the sunny hue and uses it to their advantage. The black and white stripes on their packaging is often accented by a bright colour from yellow to red to green. The clean lines of colour help their products stand out on any shelf and we can’t help but appreciate how well the colours keep our attention in store and on their website.

Lucy and Yak

image source: @LucyandYak on Twitter

If you’re an eco-friendly fashion aficionado, then you’ve likely heard of this UK-based, eco-friendly clothing brand. Available to buy on their website or Depop, the brand makes waves with their memorable branding in the form of quirky logo and bright, colourful clothes – especially their dungarees!

Bright, fun and eco-friendly, it’s no surprise that Lucy and Yak make the most out of the rainbow. When you visit their website, you’ll be greeted with their beautifully bright pieces, from orange dungarees to lilac, twill jeans; you can’t help but browse through their whole catalogue! They keep their logo black and white and let their products bring the party to their brand.


image source: @WIldRefill on Twitter

You might have seen this brand pop up on your social media feed or YouTube recently but Wild is a new, environmentally friendly deodorant with sustainability at its core. They want to keep you feeling fresh while protecting the planet.

Sustainable, natural, fresh: all words we associate with Wild and their plastic-free, refillable deodorants. However, another word we might ascribe to the brand is ‘colourful’. One look at their website will give you soothing pastels but also bright splashes of orange or bold ‘electric’ blues. Their refillable, eco-friendly deodorant cases come in a range of tints and shades, ranging from coral to black which are all easy on the eyes. With such pleasing aesthetics and fighting the plastic pandemic to boot, it’s hard to resist Wild.  

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