3 Women-Led Free From Brands 

For this Brand of the Month – we’re cheating! (we’ve selected 3 brands)

While women account for the majority of food sector purchases, the business side has historically been more challenging. We’ve always believed it’s important to support women who are leading food innovation, especially when it comes to ‘Free From’ brands.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re delighted to share 3 female-founded food brands that have reinvigorated the food’s ‘Free From’ space:

1. Geeta & Reena – Green Sisters

We’ve been lucky enough to have met the brilliant Green Sisters founders Geeta & Reena! Their goal to bring Indian-inspired plant-based foods to the wide free from market has been realised through their hard work. From Plant-Based Keema & Pea to Choco-Licious Samosa, the sisters are pushing inclusive eating and delicious flavours to suit the majority of diets.

It’s no easy feat to have created such great products that omit all Top 14 Allergens! Their mission to provide inclusive food experiences and a ‘Free From Compromise’ is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Watch Geeta talk about their brand back in 2020!
2. Cathy MoseleyBoundless Activated Snacking

Boundless are rooted in their ‘activated’ snacks that boost the nutritional value of snacks and encourage better gut health. They’ve cracked the time-consuming process and are serving up activation in tasty 30g bags. Their sweet, spicy and umami crisps, mixed nuts and seeds, offer snacks that are vegan and gluten-free! With the recent launch of their Smoky Bacon and Sour Cream & Onion flavours, we’re looking forward to what Boundless has in store for consumers next!

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Cayenne & Rosemary Sharing Bag. Source: Boundless site
3. Julianne PonanCreative Nature Superfoods

Food and drink brands can sometimes struggle to offer products that anyone can eat without allergy concerns. Creative Nature creates and manufactures raw superfoods and food mixes that do just that. They’ve ensured that none of their products have any ‘may contains’, and have strict procedures within their facilities to ensure that their products are entirely Top 14 Allergen Free!

Source: Creative Nature Foods Website

There are countless female-founded food brands that we haven’t mentioned and countless others that are yet to be created! The Elephants are looking forward to the future of the ‘Free From’ sector and are excited to potentially be involved with the next phase of innovation!

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