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4 Top Food and Drink 2022 Super Bowl Ads

Last week, the world saw the return of the American Super Bowl; one of the biggest nights in the world of advertising and branding.

This years’ Super Bowl commercials successfully tapped into the trends of 2021/22: health and wellbeing, sustainability, the metaverse, crypto currency, electric vehicles and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the many celebrities featured throughout. At Elephants Can’t Jump, we thought we would share our top 4 adverts from the world of food and drink:

Bud Light Seltzer – ‘Land of Loud Flavours’

With the aim to jumpstart sales with their hardseltzer in an overcrowded drink’s category, Budweiser have created a fantastic and futuristic commercial starring celebrity chef Guy Fieri. It plays off of the Food Network host’s well-known catchphrase: “Welcome to Flavortown.”

Within the ad, three friends embark on an unexpected journey through a refrigerator to the Land of Loud Flavors. Here, everyone has bleached blond hair and cares a great deal about how things taste. We assume this is linking to the ‘metaverse’ trend which is today’s current talk of town. When the local mayor, played by Fieri in his Big Game debut, opens his first can of Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, he declares it the “loudest” flavor ever, promoting one of the most important thing of all for consumers: taste.

In January, Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda launched its variety pack of citrus, orange, cola and cherry cola flavors. It is the latest iteration under the Bud Light Seltzer brand, which debuted about two years ago. We love the vibrancy of this commercial and the sprinkles of comedy throughout.

Hellmann’s – ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’

Starring legendary NFL linebacker, Jerod Mayo (what a perfectly apt name!) and SNL cast member Pete Davidson, Hellmann’s help ‘tackle’ and avoid food waste. As the commercial presents characters throwing food into the bin, Jarod Mayo swoops in and tackles them to the ground. He scolds them with “You can make grilled cheese with that bread” or “you can make potato salad”.

The commercial takes a funny, light-hearted approach to the food waste issue and presents Hellmann’s as a brand for society, not just any old condiment brand… and we’re here for it!

Pringles – ‘Get stuck in’

We love this commercial. It is a relatable, comedic, ‘what-if’ scenario addressing the old age issue of getting your hand stuck in a Pringles tube. It creates its narrative around the ‘what-if’ scenario: ‘what if someone could never get their hand out that Pringles tube?’ According to Pringles, 43% of people admit to getting their hand stuck when reaching for that last chip.

The commercial follows a Pringles consumer who has his hand stuck in a Pringles tube for life. It goes so far as viewing him in his coffin with the tube still stuck there. “We took a new direction for this year’s campaign, honing in on an insight and real situation only our fans encounter when snacking on Pringles straight out of our one-of-a-kind can,” Pringles’ Senior Director of Marketing, Gareth Maguire, said in a statement, “But we put a spin on that idea, proving that our delicious crisps are worth getting your hand stuck in a can for — a ‘risk’ that is inherently Pringles.”. We love the simplicity of this advert and the clear, relatable insight from which the idea has been created.

Doritos and Cheetos – ‘Push It’

We love this commercial as it brings craziness and absurdity to the crisp sector. This commercial follows a nature watcher in the forest. We see her bags of Doritos Flamin’ Hot and Cheetos Flamin’ Hot fall out of her backpack. Animals such as a sloth, a deer and a bear start to eat the chips and begin singing along to the song “Push It” sung by Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth.

The commercial not only brings an element of nostalgia, but also the trendy associations of singers and rappers to the brand. We love how Doritos and Cheetos positioned their commercial to appeal to all ages, from children to adults.

Which Super Bowl Ad of 2022 is your favourite?

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Header image source: Bud Light Land of Loud Flavours

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