5 Checks to be sure you’re HFSS-ready

The implications of HFSS legislation once felt a long way off. It is now rapidly approaching. That does not leave long to be sure all our houses are in order…

So, are you ready? Here’s a quick check of 5 fundamentals:

1. Are you innovating quickly enough and well enough?

Is your product range joined up with great proposition development and superb marketing, and are your sales channels aligned with the programme?

2. Do your consumers ‘get it’?

Is the proposition clear and is your packaging comms sharp in delivering the message? Have you tested it with your current customers and those you’re planning to attract?

3. Is your brand aligned?

Have you got the naming right? Is the brand architecture correct? And will the brand stretch without snapping?

4. Are you thinking category.

Your channel to market will want to be sure that there is category growth not just share-steal. Have you done what it takes to bring in new users, new occasions and new spend?

5. Full holistic thinking.

Have you been thinking wider than just HFSS? Other legislation and regulation might just be around the corner and not to forget those who are most attracted to non-HFSS products are also likely to be interested in other issues such as recyclability, low levels of plastic, ethics, low carbon and even less-meat diets. Does your proposition make sense within the wider context of these issues?

At Elephants, we are HFSS-ready. Ready to help you understand your consumer, build your brand and innovate your products and services. With a track record of driving brand growth throughout turbulent times and seeing growth opportunities at every turn, we are ready to help you plot the course ahead.

Call us if you need help on any of the big 5 fundamentals.

Bob Bayman
Managing Director at Elephants Can’t Jump

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