5 FREE Marketing Tools You Can Start Using Today

Marketing is one of the most essential things a business can utilise to grow its consumer base and sales numbers. It can also be quite overwhelming to know where to look and where to begin in your marketing endeavours, especially as a smaller business with limited resources.

That’s where this blog steps in. Like many, you probably feel like there aren’t enough hands on deck or enough hours in the day for the endless tasks you have to keep your business thriving.

From website builders to design software’s, you can find almost anything you need online. Having the right tools for the jobs you have at hand can push productivity and squash stress. That way you have more time and energy for the tasks you really want to focus on.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Here are 5 completely FREE marketing tools that you can immediately start using to drive your business’ growth:

1. Want to build a website?

Carrd allows you to build one-page sites quickly, easily and for FREE.

With their easy-to-use editor you can create responsive templates that look good on all devices. You can build up to three sites per accounts and use all their core features on the free account. So, whether you need a landing page for a profile or to build a mailing list – Carrd has got you covered,

Source: Carrd

2. Need to create graphics?

The whole Herd at Elephants love Canva. Not only is Founder Melanie Perkins one of the youngest female tech CEOs, but she’s created a tool that offers guidance and accessibility within the world of graphic design.

In Canva you can create any dimension of design and use their thousands of free icons, design elements, photos, fonts, backgrounds etc. From social media graphics, logos, websites, and presentation slides, Canva’s features will boost your graphic design game and wonder how you ever managed without it.

Source: Canva

3. Want to track your website traffic?

Diving into more complex (but high yield tools) Google Analytics gives you the ability to understand your customer’s journeys and use available data to make changes and improve your marketing return on investment (ROI).

All that’s required is entering the Google Analytics code into your website’s HTML and you can immediately start tracking visitors ‘journeys’ i.e. how they found your site, where they click through, where they click off, how long they stay on certain pages etc. and see where you’re losing or gaining leads/conversions.

By looking at data like this, you can begin to adjust any strategies you might be implementing and focus on making the consumer experience even better.

When it comes to more complex methods of customizing data, creating and tracking campaigns, creating reports etc. this can be easily learned through the Google Analytics Academy (which is also free!).

4. Need help managing your tasks?

Notion is a brilliant platform for task and project management to help coordinate project deadlines and assignments for greater efficiency and productivity.

If not on a business level, Notion is perfect for personal note taking, progress tracking, creating and managing tasks and so much more. You can select icons, tags and filters to further streamline and prioritise anything you’ve put down and focus on the most important or time consuming tasks at hand. Over time you’ll begin to understand what layouts and methods work best for you and you’ll be able to create workflows and ‘To Do’s’ with ease. The sky is the limit!

Source: Notion Guides

5. Need to schedule social media posts in advance?

It’s tricky to find a capable scheduling software that is entirely free now.

But tools like Planable simplify the process of planning, composing, and publishing your social media content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. They have a Free plan with 50 total posts and ‘unlimited experience’. Their Basic plan of $11 p/ month offers:

  • Unlimited posts
  • 4 social media pages per workspace
  • 2 types of approval: None (approvals are not needed for publishing. Best for one-person teams).
    and Optional (approvals are enabled but not required. Best for flexible teams).
  • Feed & Calendar views

If you want to upgrade even more Hootsuite offers the same abilities and with their Planner, you can schedule posts ahead of time and even visualise all your planned posts in one place. They have a 30 day free trial during which you can get a taste for what their free plan entails.

Source: Hootsuite

The beauty of these (other than them being free marketing tools) is that you can use them all to continue working on and managing your business without compromising productivity or efficiency. Go ahead and try them out and see which helps your business goals the most!

Want to learn about any of these tools in more detail? Comment below and let us know!

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