Brand of the Month: Bio&Me

February may be the month of love where we could’ve chosen a brand of chocolates, flowers, hotels or restaurants but instead, our Brand of the Month is the good health food brand: Bio&Me.

We have recently been talking to the lovely people at Bio&Me and have been bowled over by the positioning of the brand, the energy and thought behind their work and their great products. With ‘gut-loving granolas, porridges and muesli’, this proposition is ‘powered by plants’ with ‘small batch production in the UK’. This is a proposition and a product range that is right in so many ways. 


At Elephants, we’ve been reading a series of thought-provoking books since late 2021 and one of these focuses on the incredible lack of diversity in our 2020s diets…   ¾ of the world’s food comes from just 5 animal and 12 plant species.  This is not good for our health, and not good for the planet’s biodiversity.

So what is the healthiest cereal to eat?

Cereal is a popular breakfast choice but often perceived to be high in sugar. It’s hard to know which brands to go to when you want something quick and nutritious. What do we need look for when it comes to having a healthy breakfast cereal?

A nutritional cereal that is high in fibre and packed full of good-for-us ingredients are the best types of breakfast foods to improve gut health – and get the best jump start to the day.

Cereal that is good for your gut

Founded by Dr Megan Rossi and Jon Walsh Bio&Me brings ‘clarity and credibility to the world of gut health’ and is proudly ‘the UK’s first dedicated, evidence-based gut health food company’. Since their launch, they have been doing their bit to increase the richness and diversity of our diet. Their granolas and mueslis are packed with 15+ different types of plant goodness. Their prebiotic* yoghurts contain 18 different live and active cultures (totalling over 700 billion cultures per pot!). They are the winner of a series of good food awards, backed by the Dr Rossi’s science and available both online and via retail channels.  

Super Ingredients

In 2019, Dr Rossi has highlighted in an article by The Grocer, that there are brands that promote gut-health without sufficient evidence to back up health benefits. In comparison, Bio&Me takes evidence-based health claims extremely seriously with transparency being one of their core commitments. You’ll find detailed ingredients lists for all their products online and on their boxes.

Ultimately, Bio&Me makes finding nutritious and delicious breakfast very easy. Their dedication to making products that keep us healthy and transparency every step of the way, makes them our February Brand of the Month!

On another note, Bio&Me’s Brand and Marketing Manager, Michael Cheeseman, will be joining our panel discussion at the upcoming Market Research Society annual conference. Together, we will be discussing what it means to be ‘doing good business in the 2020s’. Watch this space for more info on the event!

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Header image source: B and B Studio

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