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Brand of the Month: BOMIMO

During the month of Women’s Health, we have selected BOMIMO as May’s Brand of the Month. It only made sense for us to select this UK-based supplement brand empowering and nourishing women’s bodies, minds and mojos!

Meet Samantha

BOMIMO Founder Samantha Williams started her career on the fast-paced trading floors of New York City and London. After working for JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank and focusing some years on her children, Samantha decided to explore business ideas. She combined her entrepreneurial know-how and passion for fitness to create Rush Trampoline Parks, an indoor complex of trampoline parks. Before Samantha, this industry was predominantly male-dominated. As the UK’s first female trampoline park owner, Samantha pushed boundaries and produced an extremely lucrative business from scratch. With her interest in all things health and fitness, Samantha broke through barriers and came out a success.

The Body Mind and Mojo behind BOMIMO:

During her success as the CEO of Rush, Samantha began experiencing unpleasant symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, stress, weight loss and low mood. She initially attributed these symptoms to the overwhelming pressure of running an ever-growing and high-flying business. It was not until 2019 that Samantha realised the true cause. She was actually experiencing a particularly nasty perimenopause and beginning to transition into menopause. According to research, a third of UK women wait at least three years for a correct diagnosis of their symptoms of menopause… Samantha’s experience was, more than likely, not an isolated one.

In order to prioritise her health, among other reasons, Samantha stepped down as Rush’s CEO during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. She began to reassess her goals and what she wanted to do next. 

During her volatile spell of perimenopause, Samantha discovered a gap in the available information, resources and nutritional support for women going through the same experience. Upon realising the potential of this opportunity, she started BOMIMO (Body + Mind + Mojo). 

Samantha had taken her perimenopause experience and turned it into a brand to empower and support women experiencing the same thing.  

Samantha took her perimenopause experience and turned it into a brand to empower and support women. Image source: BOMIMO
The MenoShake

Hormonal imbalances occur at different stages of a woman’s life, from puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, post menopause and beyond. With the unpredictable nature of menopause affecting both a woman’s physical and mental health, it’s no surprise how significant its impact is on many women’s quality of life. Samantha’s personal perimenopause experience sparked a passion to empower other women in the same boat. She sought to do this by providing the appropriate nutrition and resources to help women feel like their best selves at every hormonal stage. 

Made FOR women, BY women

Samantha’s vision, coupled with Registered Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson‘s expertise, created a nutritional shake formulated by women for women to support their optimum health. 

The result of their work? Enter the MenoShake.

The product is a plant-protein powder and herbal supplement high in protein and fibre, low in sugar and lactose-free. The MenoShake contains over 30 sustainably sourced ingredients that support women’s hormonal balance. This includes essential vitamins, minerals, metabolism-boosting ingredients and botanical herbs to support physical and mental health during menopause. It’s an all-in-one shake which can easily be made into an on-the-go chocolate flavoured shake (yum!) for the on-the-go woman.

BOMIMO MenoShake Plant-Protein Powder
The MenoShake – Complete Nutrition for Menopause. Image Source: BOMIMO

As well as being good for the body, mind and mojo, BOMIMO makes every effort to be a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. By selling their supplements in a 500g resealable pouch, they retain product freshness and shelf life, ultimately reducing food waste. BOMIMO even reuses the by-products of raw materials in production, further minimising food waste in their supply chain. 

Filling the gap

Outside of the protein powder pouch, Samantha uses BOMIMO’s social media platforms to fill in the information gaps. Whether it’s sharing links to Davina McCall’s ‘Sex, Mind and the Menopause’ documentary, TED Talks on how menopause affects the brain or busting common menopause myths, BOMIMO is creating a name for itself as a brand that all women can turn to.

Good for women’s body, mind and mojo AND sustainably sourced, produced and consumed? It’s no wonder that BOMIMO is our Brand of the Month this May!

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