Brand of the Month: Boundless Activated Snacking

As we enter the new year, we’ve been keeping an eye out on all the brands that are offering the perfect support to our ‘New Year, New Me’ missions.

We were fortunate enough to taste the innovative snacks by our January Brand of the Month, at lunch! 2022. From chips, mixed nuts and seeds, Boundless snacks are the perfect snack to meet our moreish appetites and ‘good for you’ ideals.

Boundless Snacks are…activated?

Founded by Cathy Moseley in 2017, Boundless snacks are rooted in their ‘activated’ snacks that encourage better gut health. Activated simply means that the minerals in high fibre foods like nuts and seeds can sometimes be tricky to absorb, so by reducing the levels of a substance called phytic acid, Boundless can boost the nutritional value of snacks. What a neat little science lesson!

Cathy Moseley – The Kernel!

Despite the time consuming process, Boundless have cracked it and are serving up activation in tasty 30g bags for us all.

By ‘all’ they mean ‘real people’. The majority of us who are not living the perfect lives that is so easily painted online – meal prepping healthy meals for the week, setting 5am alarms for a morning run and consuming only planet-friendly products, from clothes to deodorant. Boundless recognise that we can only do our best and they’re here to support you doing just that…by using real ingredients to make real food for real people.        

“By activating our snacks, we do the hard part for you – soaking out the stuff that messes with digestion to leave you a snack that’s good to your gut.”

Founder, Cathy Moseley
The Flavours

As well as offering snacks that are:


✔️Gluten free 

✔️Encourage good gut health

✔️High fibre

✔️High protein

Boundless’ product range includes chips and mixed nuts and seeds, covering flavour profiles of sweet, spicy and umami…there’s something for everyone:

Source: Boundless Snacks

Sea Salt & Vinegar

“A sprinkle of sea salt and a kick of tangy cider vinegar. You can’t beat a classic. ”

Chipotle & Lime 

“Spicy Chipotle meets zesty lime in a sweet & smoky fusion. Pure Mexican magic.”

Source: Boundless Facebook Page

Orange, Ginger & Maple

The Sweet One. Zesty orange, warm ginger and sweet maple syrup. It’s pecan pie in your pocket!” 

Turmeric & Smoked Paprika

The Spicy One. Aromatic turmeric and smoky paprika unite in a moreish spicy sensation.”

Tamari & Aleppo

The Umami One. Salty tamari soy and hot Aleppo pepper combine to create the ultimate umami experience.”

Cayenne & Rosemary Sharing Bag. Source: Boundless site
Frank Water

Amongst their own internal commitments and showing that their ‘feel good’ elements truly have no bounds, Boundless are proud partners with Frank Water to improve safe water, hygiene and sanitation in India and Nepal. Over the past two decades they have successfully funded safe drinking water for nearly 400,000 people.

With a particular focus on those who are ‘left behind’ by development and progress, they strive to reach vulnerable hard-to-reach communities. So, consumers who purchase and enjoy their activated snacking with Boundless can know that they’re supporting communities in India and Nepal achieve a better quality of life.

A New Path Paved

We covered our predictions of a change in consumer tastes and needs and a demand for ‘good for you’ products in our 2023 Food Trends and Plant Based Trends blogs.

Within these trends we talked about how science-backed advancements in food and drink may pave a new path that aligns with consumers’ wants to live healthier lifestyles, both physically and mentally. Boundless seem to be ahead of the game in this. The Elephants are excited to watch these tasty activated snacks evolve…it will be fascinating to see where they go from here!

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