Lucy and Yak

Brand of the Month: Lucy and Yak

November sure flew by quickly! It’s that time of the month again where we share a standout brand that’s doing great things. This November, our Brand of the Month is: Lucy and Yak.

You might recognise this UK-based clothing company if you’re a sustainable fashion lover – and you might have spotted them in our colourful brands list earlier this year. We have been absolutely smitten with Lucy and Yak’s quirky, fun garments but more than that, we have fallen in love with their brand story and dedication to giving back to their communities.

Sustainable and Ethical.

Brands who claim to be sustainable and ethical need to do a lot to prove it. Although Lucy and Yak humbly acknowledge that they are not perfect, we think they put words into action.

From their dungarees to their jeans, all Lucy and Yak’s are made to last and are delivered to their new homes in the most planet-friendly way. Instead of plastic packaging, they use drawstring fabric bags made from recycled sari’s that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Source: Katy Cheung

But it’s not just their product and packaging. Lucy and Yak ensure that all their employees within their UK warehouse to their tailors in Rajasthan, India, are paid a good wage and working in great conditions. We love that they dedicate an entire section of their website to introducing customers to the people who bring their Lucy and Yak purchases to life!

Black Friday 2021 – ‘Do Black Friday Differently’

Keeping in brand, this Black Friday, Lucy and Yak continued to show us that they are about people and human connections above everything else. They took an event all about consumerism and made it about giving to communities in need. This year, a third of all Black Friday profits went to the Fior Di Loto foundation to support young girls’ education.

‘Since 2018, Black Fridays have been an opportunity for us to support lasting positive change, to help give girls a vital education at the wonderful Fior Di Loto school (right next to our first ever factory, where Ismail makes your Yaks!)’ Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak truly set an example for all businesses to follow when sourcing ethically and selling transparently. We’re excited to see where their journey towards brightening up our wardrobes and protecting the planet simultaneously.

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