Brand of the Month: RE:NOURISH

This April, our Brand of the Month is Re:Nourish with their world’s first microwaveable, fully recyclable bottles of fresh soup-to-go.

As we all start to spend more time back in offices and out and about again, we’ve been thinking more about food-on-the-go. Additionally, recent developments such as new calorie-display legislation has gotten us thinking about the role of food and drink businesses in the role of nutrition. As a result, Re:Nourish has been front of mind for us with their on-the-go, nutrition-packed soups and goals to help encourage health above all else.

While writing this piece, we were lucky to have a chat with the business’ Founder and CEO, Nicci Clark. Keep reading to find out what really makes Re:Nourish stand out in the food industry.

From Nourished to Re:Nourish

Back in 2010, Nicci ran a pioneering diet company, Nourished. The business specialised in nutritionally balanced fresh meals delivered to the door. It was well-loved by customers including the cast and crew of Downton Abbey. The soups in the Nourish lunch meals proved to be particularly popular.

It was through the Nourished soups’ popularity that the idea of grab-and-go microwaveable soups came to Nicci.

There had been no innovation in the soup category in the UK for over 40 years. Nicci wanted to shake up the then sleepy soup category with her new concept. She travelled to the US to research a microwaveable bottle for her soup and found that it didn’t exist. Her idea was one-of-a-kind; those before her might have considered it but no one had yet brought it to life. Nicci told us, “People kept telling me even Heinz couldn’t do it…but I said I’m going to do it”.

And she did.

After 9 months of research, design and over 100 prototypes, the first Re:Nourish bottle officially launched in January 2019. The months to come brought success after success for the business. Re:Nourish was presented to the world at IFE Excel London, winning the Best Health and Wellness Food award and by the end of 2019 they won The Grocer Top Product Launch of the year.

It was no surprise that they were quickly brought to consumers on the shelves of Planet Organics and Waitrose; Nicci proudly shared with us that their entry into Waitrose was the first time a completely new brand entered with full national listing.

But it’s not only the brand’s success that has caught our eye…

Health First, Sustainability Second

When the Elephants Can’t Jump team attended the IFE Excel London 2022, we had the pleasure of speaking to a member of the Re:Nourish team, Lucy Winsor. Aside from giving us all the details on their flavour range and upcoming products, Lucy also shared with us the the eco commitments of the brand.

First of all, the brand is carbon neutral. Re:Nourish offsets it’s small carbon footprint with clean water initiatives in India and recycling ocean plastic projects in the Philippines. Additionally, their bottles are all PP, not PPE, to prevent mixing plastics and ensuring that they are easy to recycle. On paper and in actions, Re:Nourish can certainly be considered a brand that is good for our planet.

However, when asked about Re:Nourish’s future sustainability goals, Nicci really gave us much more food for thought about what sustainability really means.

“Food is medicine”

The biggest focus for Nicci and the brand is the nation’s – no, the world’s – health. They believe that a sustainable future needs consumers to prioritise their health first. After all, if we cannot protect our health, how can we protect the earth?

“We have to have control of our health first before we can help the planet.”

The food and drink industry is undergoing immense changes, from alternative meat to functional health – the latter even more so during covid. Moves towards reducing meat intake for environmental reasons and the rising popularity of alternative products in meat, seafood and dairy are on the rise, but Nicci expressed her concerns around such innovation in the food industry. When you’ve got alternative meat products that contain 50+ ingredients or functional claims sans scientific backing, is it really good for you? As a nutritionist, Nicci has ensured that her soups contain no more than what’s necessary for a healthy, nutritious meal.  As she put it, “Our bottle is clear because we have nothing to hide”.

Grab & Go Gazpacho

Re:Nourish have also recently launched their Grab & Go Gazpacho which is bringing firsts into the world of soup again. It is not only the first, fresh ready-to-eat gazpacho on the market, it is also the first to be made of 95% vegetable content and 5% water content. Another key difference is that the gazpacho isn’t pasteurized. Instead it uses a process known as High Pressure Processing to ensure you have a safe-to-drink, yet fresh, product.

Re:Nourish’s Newest Launch: Grab & Go Gazpacho

But like its soup predecessors, the Grab & Go Gazpacho is high in fibre and packed full of antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E. We’re itching to go get one ourselves! You’ll find yours at Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods or Planet Organic.

A huge thank you to Nicci Clark, Co-Founder and CEO for taking the time to chat with us and share her passion for Re:Nourish and for health. Learning about this brand has taught us a lot about health and sustainability in ways we had not expected. We’re looking forward to the continued success of Re:Nourish and its fantastic team.

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