Dainese’s retail revelation

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Dainese & AGV London flagship store located near the increasingly aspirational Old Spitalfields Market. Having worked with the Dainese team to develop a unifying consumer insight, and an international retail experience strategy, we were excited to see what their new store offered. It did not disappoint.

As a market leading protection brand for Track Riders, Daily Commuters, Off-Road Riders, Harley Cruisers, and even Skiers, Dainese faces the challenge of having to cater for very different target consumers in-store.  The London flagship store is a retail revelation with a fresh and passionate approach that exemplifies how this can be achieved.

The idea is simple – to deliver an unforgettable experience to each group of bike users without ostracising any level of them. Spread across three floors, the store seamlessly showcases the different consumer sections side by side in a ‘bikers heaven’ environment where all feel welcome. This space creates different worlds where each biker can easily find the best gear for them whilst feeling part of an exclusive sub-culture or club, regardless of their consumer typology.

As well as new products, the store includes viewing displays of post-accident suits. Whilst at first some may find this counter intuitive, the displays are a clever and creative way to highlight the durability and quality of the brands products, reassuring consumers that they provide maximum protection. 

But the store is more than just a shop, it is a celebration of the biking community. Any consumer, will appreciate the store’s unique atmosphere and (if our visit is anything to go by) happily spend time browsing Dainese’s collection, admiring their selection of bikes from around the world, and reading about the history of motorcycles in specially designed areas. An attentive store assistant, a biking enthusiast himself, revealed that the store also hosts a range of events that give the riders an opportunity to meet, socialise and exchange experiences.  

All in all, this was a ‘proud parent’ moment for us; it was very rewarding to see our visions and ideas implemented so well in real life, creating a living space that offers way more than just commodities. It is a complete retail experience that accommodates for a community of consumers who are as like minded as they diverse.

This is a far more successful retail strategy than simply focusing on selling product, and if you want to see experiential retail at its best within the motorcycling category, look no further than the London Dainese & AGV flagship store.

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