Top 4 Super Bowl Ads of 2023

The Super Bowl was a huge night for the Kansas City Chiefs…and for the world of advertising and branding. This year successfully tapped into their audience’s mindset – to be entertained, to see brands showcase their personality…and when possible, to have a laugh!

From chocolate-coated clams to beer fights, here are our Top 4 food and drink commercials from the 2023 Super Bowl.

1. M&M: ‘Back for Good’

After US pundits like Tucker Carlson criticised the visual changes in the animated ‘spokes candies’, M&M responded with a brilliant campaign starting off with the announcement of an ‘indefinite pause’. They offered the well-known comedic actress Maya Rudolph instead as their new spokesperson. During the Super Bowl, Maya introduced the new ‘Ma’ and ‘Ya’ embossed M&M’s (which are chocolate-coated clams!) as their newest product. Towards the end of the video, we can see a distressed-looking Yellow M&M and the Red M&M signalling for “HELP!”

After the game had finished, M&M aired their follow-up spot with the announcement that the well-loved ‘spokescandies’ were “Back for Good”. The purple M&M, which Tucker had singled out in his criticism, says, “I’m glad to be back because this is what I was made for.”

It’s a bold move by M&M as it requires us to pay attention. Seeing the final ad as a stand-alone video may be a little confusing. However, with context and the risk this brand was willing to take, we saw ample online conversations through its weeks-long campaign!

2. Bud light: ‘Easy to drink, Easy to enjoy’

Bud Light made it to our 2022 Top Picks and they’ve done it again with this relatable and endearing ad spot!

Starring Miles Teller and his wife, Kayleigh, the ad shows the couple waiting for customer service on their phone as the hold music fills the air. Miles grabs two cans of Bud Light fresh from the fridge and brings a smile to his wife’s face (and ours!) as they dance to the hold music, having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

“Even when you’re on hold, enjoyment is only a sip away”

This short and sweet ad brings a grounded and relatable feeling of ‘the small moments we don’t think about’. A stand out this year!

3. Molson Coors: The High Stakes Beer Ad

This ad was as meta as you could get! Opening with a disagreement between a Miller Lite and Coors Lite spokesperson as to who should be the hero of this ad spot, the pair escalate into a fuel-pumped fight to secure the coveted place under the spotlight. In the end, Blue Moon ‘wins with the voiceover “Actually, it’s a Blue Moon commercial”.

As Molson Coors owns all three beer brands, this all-in-one ad approach was incredible witty, funny and meta. We loved it!

4. Pop Corners: ‘Breaking Good’

One of the strongest ad spots this year has to be Pop Corners. After nearly a decade since its last episode, the notorious crime drama series ‘Breaking Bad’ is still going strong with its fanbase. Featuring lead actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the ad shows Walt and Jesse in their famous white trailer, cooking up something special…PopCorners.

We can’t help but praise the eye for detail:

  • wardrobe and sets exactly like the Season 1 episode the ad mimics
  • dialogue hearkening back to the series such as “No, we don’t eat our own supply” and “Say Their Name”
  • the appearance of antagonist Tuco, who reacts to the PopCorners as he did with the more potent alternative in the show!

The similarities won’t be lost on those who know their Breaking Bad lore!

Which Super Bowl Ad of 2023 is your favourite?

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