Five inspiring brands in the world of low and no-alcohol drinks

While the low and no-alcohol sector makes up a small part of the overall drinks market, its growth has been undeniable.

With more and more people being increasingly mindful of their lifestyles but still looking to have fun, big alcohol brands from Heineken to Gordon’s are coming out with low-alcohol alternatives. That is not all though. The market is also starting to see some fresh faces focusing specifically on providing the public with a hangover-free glass or three.

These brands are positioned positively, have visually appealing semiotics and are packaged beautifully, so that they are not seen as ‘minus drinks’, but rather as trendy and socially acceptable adult alternatives. Going sober has had a glow up!

Here are five brands that are looking to do similar things with no/low- alcohol branding but with very different approaches:


Looking to make healthy fun, Amplify has sought ways to create a new but still delicious alternative for mindful drinkers in the form of a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. While they are reducing the ABV, they aim to amplify everything else about the experience of drinking and have created a brand that looks vibrant, lively and fun.

Athletic Brewing Co

For most people, athletics probably is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the next night out or trip to the bar. However, Athletic Brewing Co. turns that idea on its head, creating a brand of craft alcohol-free beers that everyone can enjoy on every occasion. You could quite literally take them on a hike or post-yoga and not feel guilty.

Clean Co

With less than 0.5% ABV, Clean Co is producing drinks for those who love the taste of full-strength drinks but want to ditch the hangover and calories. They offer a CleanRum and a variety of CleanGins and have recently released Vodka and Tequila alternatives. So if it is a range that you are looking for, then they really stand out from the crowd.

Kolibri Drinks

Bringing something new to the table of no/low- alcohol drinks, Kolibri Drinks’ unique selling point would be its customisability. The brand developed its products based on the desire to allow people to tailor their drinks according to individual dietary requirements and/or tastes. Consequently, their bottle caps contain the key agave nectar which can be added to create a drink that ranges from brut to extra dry.

Three Spirit

Not only non-alcoholic but also vegan, gluten-free and sustainably packaged, it seems Three Spirit is aiming to hit all the trends relevant in the food and drink market. Created and developed by bartenders and botanists together, these drinks are seeking to be functional, healthy and accessible while their sleek, mystical bottles catch the eye. The flavours they bring to the table are certainly refreshing too, from valerian root to schisandra berry.

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