Flexitarianism: the latest new proof of an old truth

One of the undeniable truisms of commerce is that a good product with poor marketing will sit on a shelf and gather dust, whilst a poor product with good marketing will be bought once, but never twice. 

The holy grail within commerce is when a strong product meets an equally strong marketing strategy.

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of brands with this winning combination within the plant-based alternatives category. Riding the recent trend for flexitarianism, this is a welcomed development, as previously, the sector was characterised by lacklustre, unappetising products and brands that felt overly worthy and amateur.

These days the sector boasts benchmark brands that set a precedence for how to balance the offer of a delicious, functional product with emotional marketing engagement.

Having worked with some of the leading brands within the sector we have become familiar with the key players and the brands that are shaking things up.

Here is a small selection of some of the brands we admire the most.  


This vegan brand has transformed the humble falafel into an appetising, cool and family friendly dish by ensuring their high quality product is matched by clever, modern and colourful packaging.


Former beef burger restaurant owners, Andy and Pete, founded THIS to provide consumers with plant-based protein that lived up to the taste of meat. Their background provides the brand with a strong reason-to-believe. The brand’s creative name and wonder identity work ensures THIS is going to go far.


Oatly have not only created a great brand but seem to have single-handedly turbo-boosted a whole sector, sending the traditional dairy companies into a frenzy. All whilst re-writing the benchmark in the use of packaging to convey brand purpose, values and personality. 


Oumph! is a brand that stands out in every way. The chalkboard style packaging encourages us to consider the brand’s artisanal roots and builds its appetite appeal, whilst the name suggests that the product will exceed the expectations of tofu-weary flexitarians.


This US based brand has made the impossible possible, by producing plant based burgers, sausages and pork. Its listings in Starbucks and Burger King as meat alternative options, are a testament to its great taste. Bright, bold and humorous, this brand is sure to also stand out to consumers in supermarkets.

Booja Booja

Sophisticated in packaging design and flavour combinations, Booja Booja is a hero brand for those craving luxury dairy free ice cream or truffles. The brand has set the standard for others in the market by ensuring that its taste is uncompromised by the ingredients used.

Naked Glory

Launched in 2019, Naked Glory encourages consumers to ‘cheat on meat’ and opt for its plant based protein instead. Witty, cheeky and creative with its social media, this brand injects entertainment and humour into the category.

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