Glenfiddich – giving whisky a new lease of life

Whisky is widely classified as an ‘old man’s drink’. With its complex palette and long maturation process, it’s a drink you tend to grow into, along with velvet dressing gowns and slippers.

But with the recent transformation of gin into an aspirational, youthful and innovative spirit, thanks to the wonders of botanicals and beautiful packaging, is it time that whisky faced into the future and cast off its staid associations?

Ahead of the curve, Glenfiddich is taking the first pioneering step into what could become a brave new age for whisky. The recent launch of its Experimental Series is testament to the brand’s desire to never stop exploring and is set up as a ‘game changing’ move designed to break the category rules.

#01 IPA is their first experiment, made in collaboration with a local craft brewer and finished in bespoke craft IPA barrels to give the whisky extra zesty and hoppy notes.

Aside from being the first ever single malt to be matured in this way, it’s a brilliant example of two worlds colliding: the serious, contemplative world of whisky with the vibrant, trendy and rebellious world of craft beer. The result: a fresh look at whisky with the potential to attract a different, younger consumer and broaden whisky’s appeal.

What’s more, this innovation is so strong because every aspect of the experience has been considered. From the paired back, modern bottle design to the unusual orange zest serve in a copper tumbler, the IPA is imbued with imagination and boldly moves away from the traditions that have defined whisky for so long.

While it’s still doubtful that I will become a whisky aficionado, this new launch from Glenfiddich does point to signs of change from one of the most traditional spirit categories. And if gin can do it, then why can’t whisky?

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