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How do brands make products worthy of being Christmas gifts?

The festive season has arrived, we’re out of national lockdown and it is most certainly time for Christmas shopping! This time of the year is a prime opportunity for brands to showcase their products in all their glory. It is the time to go that extra mile and get creative, in order to provide consumers with something special to treat their loved ones with.

But how do brands transform ordinary purchases, from chocolate, to teas and soaps, into Christmas gifts worthy of loved ones? Here we look at just a few techniques brands are using.

1. Shake up your packaging with a Christmas inspired design

By using festive packaging, brands can easily transform their products into something a little sparklier and extra special. Dessert brand is an example of a brand that has effectively done this by making its brick packaging resemble a wrapped present through a printed design

2. Bring back an annual limited edition Christmas variant

Get consumers excited by reintroducing an annual Christmas favourite. Bringing back this product for a short time each Christmas gives loyal consumers something to look forward to. Lush has mastered this with their Snow Fairy range, a candyfloss & bubble-gum scented range, that delights consumers every Christmas.

3. Introduce a new festive flavour

Consumers associate this time of the year with sugar, spice and all things nice, so catering for this is a sure win! This year, Yogi Tea have launched ‘Christmas Tea’, which is a blend of honeybush, cinnamon and star anise. This seasonal taste resonates well with consumers by perhaps adding a sense of nostalgia. The brand has gone the extra mile by donating a percentage of the sales of this product to charity. This is a great way to embrace the true spirit of Christmas.

4. Shape your product into a Christmas themed item

Brands may wish to go all out and adopt a shape associated with Christmas. Not only does this provide a wow factor but this also makes the product even more Instagramable! Tony’s Chocolonely has taken this approach and produced Christmas Tree shaped chocolate bars. The bar is still rectangular, but the pieces of chocolate have been arranged for consumers to effectively break off the edges to reveal a tree. In fact, Tony’s has adopted multiple techniques to make itself Christmas ready- introducing festive packaging and a new flavour variant.

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