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In Conversation with the Elephants: Brand growth and the power of the Brand Experience with Paul Mynard

2020 has been a sink or swim year for brands across all sectors, which is why employing agile working practices and channeling resources into brand growth has never been more important. We are already seeing that consumers are engaging best with brands that actively take Corona by the horns, tailoring their communications and experiences to reflect new trends and an ever-shifting consumer reality. Businesses must be willing to take risks and innovate to stay ahead.

In our latest In Conversation with the Elephants Q&A, Madeleine Webb talks to Paul Mynard, founder of Brand Design Lab, about the importance of brand growth right now, and the crucial role that brand experience plays in it.

Paul has 30 years of branding and retail experience working for leading agencies and global clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes and Sundan.

His agency, Brand Design Lab, is a design consultancy that creates brand experiences that forge strong emotional connections between brands and their consumers using graphics, 3D and digital design.

He has a close working relationship with Elephants Can’t Jump and has recently collaborated with Bob Bayman, Managing Director at Elephants Can’t Jump, to create a unique brand growth process that aims to deliver excellent solutions that drive measurable results for clients.

Watch the video below to find out about what brand experience means to Paul, and how our new brand growth process finds bespoke solutions for clients.

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