Jigsaw's brand transformation

Jigsaw’s brand transformation.

From frumpy to fabulous.

It would seem a unanimously agreed fact amongst the fashion greats, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel to name just a couple, that fashion trends come and go, but what truly remains is style. It is somewhat surprising then, that modern high street retailors fixate on being up to date, on trend and seemingly always changing their looks to follow and mimic catwalk fads.

The retailor Jigsaw’s recent campaign For Life not Landfill, which encompasses using only the finest fabrics to create stylish and timeless pieces is their latest stroke of genius in getting their Style & Truth message out to the masses. The pursuit of Style & Truth that Jigsaw uses to underpin all of its campaigns turns its back on following fashion, and instead encourages woman to find their style and live it. As shown above, this concept is arguably not necessarily a new idea, but moreover a lost message engulfed by the fashion world where the high street follows the catwalks, and consumers are the ones paying out constantly.

Jigsaw deserves serious credit for taking a stand, stepping out against the norm, and empowering women to find a style that has no expiry date. What is more, this is an incredibly gutsy approach to marketing from a fashion brand who has previously struggled to find relevance amongst younger consumers and has held connotations of being old fashioned and unjustifiably pricey. It seems that this is no longer the case……….

And of course from a branding perspective the pursuit of Style & Truth is so creatively fertile. Just like its own message about style –the Style & Truth foundation is likely to be a sustainable branding tool used and relevant for many years to come. Proven just by the For Life not Landfill campaign, the Style & Truthmessaging can tap into so many different areas – the creation of quality pieces, environmental issues, and female confidence – allowing Jigsaw to establish itself as a morally, eco-friendly and stylish high street brand that has followed in the wise words of the greats. In addition, this brand makeover isn’t only visible in one off advertising campaigns. Their stores have a fresh new look and feel, their magazine is aspirational and their employees are both stylish and approachable – making their brand experience as good and in tune with their admirable messaging.

Of course the cynics out there might say, isn’t it a bit ironic that a fashion high street store wanting costumers to buy their clothes shouldn’t really be saying to women ‘find your own’ style….. However nobody else is so outwardly and proudly priding themselves on giving women the choice. Averting the pressure felt by women to wear the ‘right’ thing at the right time, and championing individual timeless styles is a fantastic brand transformation and is a sure fire way to get many women to support their cause and of course more likely to shop in Jigsaw.


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