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My Two-Week Internship At Elephants Can’t Jump

Branding, Strategy, and Communications are areas that have always fascinated me, but I have never had the chance to explore them thoroughly. Therefore, embarking on a two-week internship with Elephants Can’t Jump is something I could not say no to! Here are all the cool projects I participated in with the Elephants Can’t Jump herd.

Day 1

The first day was about familiarising myself with the brand and team- delving into the brand ethos, starting with some introductory tasks, and trying to figure out why elephants can’t jump. So, after a morning call welcoming me, I started the internship by conducting independent research on Elephants Can’t Jump, preparing questions for the team, and truly understanding what the brand stands for before being assigned my first tasks.

On my first day, I started my first assignment, which consisted of editing various case studies from clients to make them more condensed and client-friendly. Through this task, I learned the value of case studies in building a strong brand reputation, in hopes of retaining previous clients and gaining new ones.

My second task, which I started on my first day, consisted of competitor research. Competitor research is important for gaining awareness of your market, but it enables you to understand your business better and maintain a competitive edge.

Day 2

Today was the day I had the chance to meet the herd- at 9 am sharp. While it was quite a struggle to initially wake up for this meeting (as a night owl university student), getting to meet the team after their extremely warm e-welcome was worth waking up early for! I was updated about all the exciting projects that the team is working on, and I even had the chance to take part in some idea generation for an upcoming campaign. After, I met Alex, the social media whiz at Elephants Can’t Jump, who gave me some social media tasks.

Day 3

The day began with a very quick team catch-up with just 3 of us since the rest of the team was out of the office on a content day. How exciting!

I also had a kind of… content day. Surely not as fabulous (considering it was just me, my laptop, in my room in Nottingham) but equally fun and stimulating.

Day 4

Today, I participated in a team discussion, which was far more insightful and thought-provoking than I expected it to be. The meeting started with discussing price strategies for an exciting brand Elephants Can’t Jump is working with. Through this, I saw first-hand how much thought and consideration is placed on pricing, particularly for promotional and brand events. Additionally, I gained awareness in event planning as I listened to and learned about all the processes and factors that come together when launching a new brand at an event.

I spent the rest of the day doing all things social media after another catch-up with Alex.

Day 5

The final day of my first week was all about wrapping things up: finishing some research, putting presentation slides together, and finalising social media posts. What a productive end to the week!

Day 6

My second week at Elephants Can’t Jump kickstarted as I worked on more case studies. This time around, the goal was to make them even more condensed and results-driven. Working to condense 17 brands to one slide each was quite a challenge but taught me the value of condensing information when presenting to existing and prospective clients.

The other half of the day I spent researching and preparing for the Food & Drink Expo I was attending tomorrow. Since most of the team was away on Day 1 of the event, today was all about working independently.

Day 7

Today was the day that I finally got to meet the team! Attending Day 2 of the Birmingham Food & Drink Expo was the highlight of my internship. I started the day by meeting Alex and Vanessa (after getting endlessly lost at the National Exhibition Centre) and wandering around the event, hunting prospective clients for Elephants Can’t Jump. I did not expect the event to be as massive and packed as it was, with stalls of food vendors and businesses that I have and have not heard of alike. I had a great time walking around the plant-based zones and collecting as many freebies as I possibly could!

After reconciling with the rest of the team, I continued the day shadowing Alex and Vanessa, who talked to businesses about all of Elephants Can’t Jump offerings. I learned all about building relationships, pitching services, and gaining leads, and how to do that by building rapport in person. After this, the team reunited once again to watch a Dragon’s Den-esque pitching competition, with small businesses promoting their businesses to ‘dragons’ in the industry. While I can not complain about the free samples that came with watching this competition, listening to industry giants discussing ideas for improving brands and businesses was very interesting. I finished off the day by listening to a talk about email marketing and grabbing a few more free samples on my way out!

Day 8

Today’s morning meeting focused on building a strategy for turning leads from yesterday’s event into potential clients. After the meeting, I had the chance to present my research to Bob and Danni, where I talked all about different approaches to innovation to sharpen our approach to innovation.

I finished off the day cracking on with content- shortening case studies and writing content for LinkedIn.

Day 9

The day started by attending a team meeting which discussed ways to improve and optimise the website. This was the highlight of my day, as it truly illuminated how important maintaining a strong online brand presence is for agencies.

Day 10

Friday was my last day- how the time has flown by! I have had an incredible time with the Elephants team, and I’m so thankful for the support and knowledge that they have provided throughout the placement.

Today was all about wrapping my placement- attending my last meeting with the team (and saying goodbye), continuing the discussion about the website, finishing off my projects, and writing this farewell blog post!

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