Molson Coors, one of the worlds largest breweries, wanted to develop a clear strategic and visual framework to take two Birradamare brands – ‘Na Biretta and Birra Roma – to market in Italy and the UK.


Using expert interviews and consumer research groups to uncover insights into the Italian beer market, and perceptions of the two brands, we designed and facilitated a three-day workshop in Rome.

The workshop brought together a multi-functional team from Molson Coors and Birradamare, using a variety of creative techniques to build two distinct positionings that enabled the two brands to cater for different channels and consumer need states.

‘Na Biretta’s ‘From the Backstreet’ route nodded to its edgy, local heritage in the ‘real’ streets of Rome, positioning it as a beer for the people that call the great city ‘home’. Whereas, Birra Roma’s ‘Rome in Every Bottle’ route positioned the brand as the perfect beer for visitors seeking to discover the next level of Rome.


The positionings and identities we developed for Birra Roma and ‘Na Biretta have been met with great enthusiasm within the Molson Coors organisation, and ‘Na Biretta’s premium Italian status, helped Molson Coors to secure becoming Harrods’ Dining Hall sole beer and cider provider in 2019.

Thrilled with the process, Molson Coors have asked Elephants Can’t Jump to run the same process with other craft brands across Europe.