Born out of hippy roots, good intentions and tons of passion, Crazy Jack remains unshakably committed to producing some of the best organic food there is, grown as nature intended.

Looking to expand out of its homeland in the baking aisle into the world of snacking, the brand needed a refreshed identity to carry its new range and stand out in a competitive category.


Working closely with the Crazy Jack team, we evaluated the brand’s architecture, bringing to it portfolio clarity and establishing its unifying threads of quality, quirky beginnings, organic specialists and provenance stories.

Armed with a clear strategy, we created a new look and feel for the snacking range that stayed true to the masterbrand identity but with a dose of urban modernity, designed to appeal to the on-the-go consumer.


The new Crazy Jack snacking range was launched in 2019 exclusively in Sainsbury’s.

The fresh new identity has given the business a renewed vigour and the architecture has provided them with a framework for future innovation.