Crosta & Mollica are past masters at Italian breads made to exacting recipes in the UK.  The senior team came to Elephants to review recent communications, refresh and refine the C&M brand positioning and to help lead the creative thinking for the next campaign.    


We quickly developed an understanding of the brand and the vision of the business.  We compared the intended direction with the latest and most recent packaging, advertising and social media in order to point to a series of steps that could be taken to ensure alignment between the brand direction and the communications.


As a result of the work that we did together new Brand Guidelines were drawn up and adopted.  A new comms brief was written and Elephants helped the business in briefing the art direction and style of the new campaign.  

Crosta & Mollica is Italian to its core:  but there is not place within the brand for the traditional stereotypes of Italy. This is a modern version of true Italy and Italian-ness and as such stands proud and tall in the mélèe of competitors.