Currensea is a travel fin-tech company, which was founded and started up in 2019.

2020 was not the year for travel due to the pandemic. However as the world starts to open up for travel again, Currensea has the opportunity to ensure its proposition is perfectly aligned with consumer needstates and mindsets. The owners and senior team wanted to ensure the brand was well positioned to be relevant to the traveling public, and that it had a core purpose, personality and series of values, to set it up for continued long-term success.


Through a collaborative client/agency method, we focussed on unlocking deep insight via consumer groups. By doing this, we were able to identify problems to solve and opportunities to investigate. This included the use of language on the website, the website structure and prioritisation, the overall brand proposition, and the differing types of consumer personas.


The brand proposition: The UK’s first direct debit travel card

  • Discussions with real potential consumers
  • Bringing Personas to the Target, and recommending the primary target
  • Creating a new positioning for the brand:  The Layer In Front of your Bank
  • Recommended a new and creatively fertile innovation direction
  • Use the current card to create a whole DTC sector, not just a new brand
  • Building Trust using banks, TrustPilot and FCA to ensure credibility 
  • Answering the Sustainability question
  • A new set of Brand Purpose, Values and Personality 
  • Recommendations for quick wins to the website, including the wireframe structure
  • Indicating a new design and style direction to make the identity work harder
  • Recommended the approach to expert endorsement

Client Testimonial

“An excellent experience, we pursued avenues and ideas which we hadn’t seen and simply wouldn’t have seen. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

James Lynn, CEO and Founder of Currensea