Dainese is a market leading protection brand for Daily Commuters, Off-Road Riders, Harley Cruisers, and even Skiers. Our challenge was to find a unifying insight for all global markets to drive in-store innovation and make the brand experience more emotionally engaging at every touchpoint.


Our research took us around the world, running in store observations, in depths and co-creation groups to really unearth that nub of insight which could underpin the brand and be a driving force for innovation. We developed the idea that all bikers are united by a single moment of truth. The moment you are skidding along the tarmac with all your faith in your equipment. This is the moment when all the innovation, skill and judgement of Dainese is worth the investment.


This single insight allowed us to create one retail experience that embraces all rider types without ostracising the core loyal consumers and is now being rolled out globally.