Filippo Berio is the biggest olive oil brand in the UK. Grounded in its Italian heritage, the brand has continued its founder’s mission to produce a range of carefully crafted olive oils.

Since 2018, we have been working with the Filippo Berio team in the UK, USA and Italy, conducting market reviews of the sector in different channels and identifying opportunities to drive value growth over the next decade.

Following the success of these projects, the business tasked Elephants Can’t Jump with developing a global brand positioning which could work seamlessly across the different markets that they operate in.


Drawing on our knowledge of, and insight into the olive oil sector and the brand’s unique heritage, we designed and facilitated a series of dynamic workshops that brought together a multi-functional team from around the world.

Together we created and defined a distinct strategy around the core thought – ‘His Signature. Our Promise’; a celebration of the brand’s promise to deliver perfection and bring people together over great food, which has been upheld by the business ever since it was founded by Filippo Berio over 150 years ago.


The new strategy has been met with great enthusiasm within the Filippo Berio organization and has informed the brand’s new communication strategy, with its exciting TV and print advertisements going live in May 2020.

We continue to be an on-going and trusted advisor to the global HQ and Marketing Director in Italy and the UK and USA teams.