IT recruitment agency, Initi8, were looking to build their brand profile and gain clarity on their brand positioning in order to stand out from other IT recruitment agencies. Initi8 also wanted to rethink their identity and use this to inform the design of their new website.


We conducted a series of stakeholder interviews in order to gain a deeper understanding of the business and importantly of the team members, who are the brand’s greatest asset. From this, we uncovered two big insights about the business. The first being that they were primarily ‘peoples’ people’. The second was that they came from an IT/code development background, and thus took pride in coming across a little geeky. These insights gave Initi8 a genuine point of difference in a saturated sector.

We were then able to define the brand’s personality, values and purpose, which we collaboratively refined with the core team in an online workshop. The output of the workshop resulted in a clear brand positioning which reflected the business well.


We used the newly defined brand positioning, purpose, values and personality to design a new identity for Initi8. This included the creation of a new logo and strapline, and the adoption of new colourways, typography, font and treatment of images. The new strapline points to the importance of Initi8’s service to the employer and candidate. It shows that the brand is truly standing for something that matters. 

Initi8 has used its new identity to inform the design of their website, blog and social media pages. Take a look at their new website here.