Linwoods have made an enormous leap in the last ten years of their existence. They are now seen as the number one brand for food supplements in the UK and are most famous for their sprinkle-on milled flaxseeds. 

When Linwoods approached Elephants, they were in the planning stages of the biggest range extension in their history. They needed to know whether there was a market for their innovation and how to position the product to new consumers.


We adopted a tailored version of a classic formula to crack open the issues, expose the varied perspectives and nourish the project with rich nutritional insight.   Involvement of the family owners, food specialists and sales team at all stages, was key to the success of the project. Conducted entirely during lockdown, this project was completed through lots of planning, preparation and a good dose of humour from all aboard.


We un-earthed a series of insights that informed the recommendations for the brand’s new range innovation.

The first two products have now been launched.

‘Menolinga’ and ‘Immune Support’ are the first Linwoods products that are packaged and presented as possible help for specific issues

Client Feedback

“Thanks for your work and great insights over the last few months. I have learned a lot and it has been very useful to both me personally and also for the business in general. It’s been great to work with you and your team. There is a lot of excitement in the business and we are very optimistic about what will come out in the design stages.”

Patrick Woods